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‘The Purge’ Recap: ‘Blindspots’

Published on October 30th, 2019 | Updated on October 30th, 2019 | By FanFest

Last week, we learned that nothing is fine. The purge has left everyone with newfound paranoia. The paranoia is different for each character. However, viewers learn that not all the characters’ paranoia is derived from this last purge in this week’s “Blindspots.” Wounds go back deep, something that was touched on last season as well, that mess people up for life. So while this one-time experiment continues doing good for some, psychologically we are learning the purge is good for no one.

Ryan’s & His Crew’s Crusade 

This episode starts with Tommy meeting his lawyer. He immediately tells Tommy that he needs to plead guilty and be for the forgiveness of the court. As soon as he enters his plea, the judge informs him because it’s a class R felony now that his sentence is death on the next purge. Considering stealing money in hindsight is the least of the community’s problems, I agree with Tommy’s protest. Tommy should not be in the same category as someone who has committed murder. He’s truly not a threat to society. To make matters worse he is a former cop.

Tommy – Jonathan Medina – The Purge – Blindspots – 2×03 – USA Network

Eight years ago, the flashback reveals the captain pointing out the same obvious fact. Cops do not do well on purge night. She demands that all cops were to change at the precinct. Ryan started an event to essentially take out criminals on purge night that the system was unable to convict. While the captain admits the precinct cannot sanction Ryan’s idea, none of the other cops decide to leave Ryan’s side. They are going to stand by him no matter what.

Upon making their way to the warehouse, Ryan realizes there is an underground cop ring inside of the criminals he was going to take down that night. One of them including his captain. Instead of anyone shooting one another everyone stands down and she tells him to get out of there. She insists that he should have listened. 

The Purge - Season 2 - Blindspots
THE PURGE — “Blindspots” Episode 203 — Pictured: (l-r) Max Martini as Ryan Grant, Jaren Mitchell as Doug Vargas, Chelle Ramos as Sara Williams — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

This is the reason he quit the police force. After purge night Ryan, alongside his crew, turn in their badges because they can no longer be police officers after what they saw on purge night. Yes, the captain’s kid might be able to go to college now, but so many other kids will have to die because of the drugs that are being sold on the streets.  There is no longer a moral compass for most when money is concerned.

Back in present day, Ryan calls a meeting to explain to his crew that the money was never supposed to be at the bank. Federal law requires they only keep a certain amount on hand. They keep the planes in the air all night so that that the money cannot be robbed. It will be the biggest score of their lives and instead of struggling from year to year to merely stay afloat they are going to finally be able to survive.

Ryan – Max Martini – The Purge – Blindspots – 2×03 – USA Network

Marcus’s Thirst for Knowledge

Marcus has officially met with someone who can take on his case and discover who has placed a bounty on his head. Although his neighbor is not a culprit, Marcus knew he was a long shot anyway. The woman insists that thoroughness is what he pays her for though as she has requested time alone with him. Despite not wanting to look at his wife Michelle, she brings her up all the same. The woman confirms that she is his second wife and she is hiding something. She explains that the vast majority of domestic purges are committed by the spouse. Friendly reminder: Don’t leave the toothpaste cap off the tube ladies and gentlemen.

The investigator has Marcus completely flustered as he is looking at his wife differently now. He claims to be merely tired. However, in his mind that Michelle might be the person who has hired someone to kill him. Instead of continuing to trust her he had put a locator on her phone so he can know where she is at all times. Though he is looking over various photographs of him and his wife, he determines there’s absolutely no way she was the one who could have put out the hit. However, she has arrived at a locale she had not mentioned upon leaving.

Michelle – Rochelle Aytes – The Purge – Blindspots – 2×03 – USA Network

Instead of leaving well enough alone though, Marcus goes to the warehouse on the phone. Why anyone would want to explore around somewhere after knowing he has had a hit placed on him is beyond me. As he is walking down the hall he discovers that Michelle is at a support meeting. Leaving without saying a word is what he should do but is this some kind of distraction to keep us off her trail. He even goes home to cook her dinner and just, in general, be a good husband to make up for what he has done behind her back.

As the episode ends this week Marcus is jogging “This is America” plays as a truck purposely swerves to attempt to hit him. Due to the bounty on his head, no one wants to wait to collect until next year’s purge it seems.

Marcus – Derek Luke – The Purge – Blindspots – 2×03 – USA Network

Esme’s Hunt for Justice

Esme is starting on another case to discover a man’s identity from footage work. The man in question is Ryan. Why is he driving by the same area  everyday?  Why can she not identify him? The truth is her heart is not in the case. She takes a moment to call Darren and tells him that she has some footage that she feels he should see. Vivian ultimately grabs her attention as they continue going through the footage and streets.

However, she does discover that he knows what he’s doing and where to be and where not to be. To find out who this person is Esme drives to the dead zone to grab a picture of Ryan knowing the time stamp. Going to the area, she attempts to snag a picture of Ryan.  Not pleased with the image, she goes inside the bar Ryan has met his crew at and uses a hearing device to pick up their conversation. While she takes a few notes during this time this is when Darren calls her back and she immediately leaves the bar to meet Darren.

The Purge - Season 2 - Blindspots
THE PURGE — “Blindspots” Episode 203 — Pictured: Paola Nunez as Esme Carmona — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Darren mentions that he didn’t know Dr. Adams had any active trails going on. Trails for what though? As Esme explains that she helped her and her sister through everything and that she watched her die, Darren sits back down. He insists that he will take a look at them to help her figure out what is going on. However, by doing this she is putting herself and Darren in a continued line of fire with those who murdered on purge night in the first place.

Going back to work she is slowly piecing together who Ryan and his team are. While no crimes have been committed, it makes me wonder if the NFFA creates new rules for each purge so that more people can be purged now. Is this apart of some bigger scheme and conspiracy than we ever could have believed until now? Tommy’s sentence to execution for having one foot barely on the lines has me believing so.

Esme & Ryan – Paola Nuñez & Max Martini – The Purge – Blindspots – 2×03 – USA Network

Ryan seemingly does too considering he finds Esme after work and confronts her.  He asks her why she was following him yesterday. If he was good enough to find dead-zones and whatnot, why did she not believe that he would figure a way out to know that he was being followed? After all, he is a law-abiding citizen. Ryan brings up Tommy to her, little does he know she is the one who sent him for sentencing. Ryan lets her know that he will see her around.

Ben’s Continued Downward Spiral

And then there is Ben.  Ben who is attempting to have a normal life with his girlfriend. Despite how much he tries though he cannot seem to shake the images of purge night from his mind during sex. Kellen (Danika Yarosh), his girlfriend, goes from attempting to relax him one way to another. Even as she walks away from him it is noticeable he cannot relax. However, Ben seems to relax while listening to the same purge tapes that the show explored last year as he drives. 

The location he arrives at is a place where he can go to slaughter animals. A way to let go of aggression. They make him put on a jumpsuit and secure the suit so no blood can get it. The man explains after he picks his weapon that he needs to secure the meat. The animals do not need to be dying for no reason. This is all under the table of course, which makes it beyond shady. However, despite knowing what he has paid for Ben cannot go through with killing the animals.

The Purge - Season 2 - Blindspots
THE PURGE — “Blindspots” Episode 203 — Pictured: Joel Allen as Ben — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

On the way home, Ben sees a strawberry stand. Ben completely loses it as he claims the man behind the stand has given him incorrect change. He gave him a twenty and the guy claims he only gave him a ten. Not only does she stab him, but he picks up a large rock nearby and bashes in his head. After killing the man, we do not see how he depose of the body. We do see his crumpled up bloody clothing on the floor and him in the shower area with his knife.

As he eerily comes back into the room with his girlfriend he is no longer having trouble that a little blue pill could fix. His girlfriend attempts to make everything better because she thinks the guy who he was trapped with is the only person that Ben has killed. After all, he has told her that he had to purge. Why would she think anything different from his words? 

Ben & Kelen – Joel Allen & Danika Yarosh – The Purge – Blindspots – 2×03 – USA Network

What did you think of this week’s purge?  Do you think Michelle hired the hit on Marcus? Is Ben’s blood lust ever going away? Will Darren be able to help Esme find out why Professor Adams had to die?  Is Ryan going to be able to save Tommy from execution next year? Let us know your thoughts are below about last night’s episode.

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