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The Punisher: Are SJW’s Going To Ruin Jon Bernthal’s Potential Return?

Published on August 4th, 2021 | Updated on August 8th, 2021 | By FanFest

People are really eager to see The Punisher return to the MCU, and have been ever since the Netflix series got cancelled. Jon Bernthal’s Punisher was a highlight of the Netflix universe. The character might be different because of real world politics when he returns.

As of now there are only rumours regarding The Punisher, but he most likely will return to the MCU at some point. Especially now that Loki has gone and connected the Multiverse, it could be as easy as migrating some characters over. Neither Disney, Marvel or Kevin Feige have confirmed this could be happening though.

The most recent rumors indicate the character might be showing up in some of the upcoming Disney+ shows, which would be pretty awesome! We’d love to see him return sooner rather than later, after all.

But.. what kind of Punisher will be be getting back? It’s possible the character could be something completely unrecognizable to longtime fans of The Punisher.

One of the main issues is the fact that the MCU generally sticks to PG-13 content. It’s also been stated previously that Deadpool 3 is the only content they plan to make with an M rating.

Could this change? Sure! Some rumours have indicated the character might show up in Moon Knight, but it is what comes next that is most interesting. After Moon Knight he could get an M rated series over on Hulu, where it could really thrive.

However, Marvel might be against using the character altogether now. Events from the last twelve months have given the house of mouse pause when using the character. We won’t mention certain incidents, but you can imagine for yourself.

One incident we will mention though, revolves around someone wearing The Punisher symbol when they stormed the Capitol.

We hope that Marvel doesn’t take it too far, if they have to change anything. The character might be different, but we haven’t heard anything to indicate Bernthal isn’t interested in coming back!


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