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The Pull List 5/4/16

Published on May 4th, 2016 | Updated on | By FanFest

And on the fourth day of
May he said, “May the 4th be with you”,
and there was much

Welcome back to the Pull
fellow Geeklings! We are
on the precipice of the most

wonderful/geekiest week of the year! Why, you ask? How, you inquire? Let.
Break. This. Down. Let’s
look past the fact that today is National Star
Wars Day
that in itself is enough to
celebrate (if you need further
proof please see the above dancing ewoks and
sing the “Ewok Celebration Song”.

It starts with “yub nub” and only gets better from there!). Tomorrow is the

release of Captain
America: Civil War
, and if you guys are anything
like me then you are
all types of fired up for this
movie. I’ve been
impatiently waiting for this release ever since I watched
the first teaser
trailer and
wept with excitement. For the record it was like three o’clock in
morning when I watched it, I had just
woken up for a Whiz Palace break, and
my eyes may or may not have been a
little unfocused. This is the geek
of saying, “I had dust in my eyes”. Time for a bold
(see how I
used bold font there? Pretty clever, I know). When all is said and
done I
think that Captain America:
Civil War
can go down as the
greatest super hero movie of all time.
I’ll give you a minute to recover
that shock. I know that title currently belongs to the Dark

Knight with Howard the Duck
a clooooooooooooose second, but I’ve
got this feeling Geeklings.
Civil War is currently
sitting at a 93%
on Rotten

Tomatoes and just looks like it’s going to deliver in spades. Hey,
I’m wrong feel free to
come here and spout off in the comments, but like I
said… I’ve got a
feeling (insert Beatles song of same
title here).

But wait there’s more! Yes,
besides National Star

Wars Day! Besides the release of Captain America: Civil War.
Saturday is the first
Saturday in May and you know what that means (and if you
don’t I’m about
to tell you)…

That’s right
it’s Free Comic Book
!!!! This is a day
where you go to your local comic book shop and
can get a ton of free books and

possibly meet writers and artists. For example. I will be going to my comic
shop of choice and
straight up geeking out as I meet Scott Snyder for an
autograph session!
Arguably the greatest Batman
writer of our time! That’s a hell of a way to spend
FCB if you ask me.

But FCB day is more then just free books and supporting local
Both Marvel and DC have
special releases to help transition you into their big
upcoming stories or
events. For Marvel they’ll be
releasing Civil War II
which will kick start that major event. I
would imagine we’ll get to

meet the Inhuman that will be causing all this ruckus and maybe even get the

character death that is
supposed to be the catalyst of this series. While that
second part is
doubtful I’m sure that there will be
enough to wet your
proverbial whistle and get you excited for Civil War
II #1
in June. The
major company, DC, seems to be throwing all their chips into
the Suicide
prediction alert: which will
be their version of Guardians of
the Galaxy
) and releasing a

special FCB issue. I know that Suicide Squad is going to
revamped with a bi-monthly
release schedule and a team that closer resembles the
movie cast, but I was
surprised that DC didn’t go with
something having to do
with Rebirth here. Kudos for them going all
in on
the Squad
though. Plus this issue has King Shark in it who has made two
Flash appearances this
season. If you want to know what else is
available for Free Comic Book
click here, and go
your local comic shops! I
like to live by the saying, if it’s free it’s for

Sadly, not all
the books coming out this week are free and
you’re going to have to spend
some of your hard earned adult
dollars on the
rest of them. Let’s start with Marvel who knows it’s
National Star Wars
released the second issue of everyone’s favorite Force
pilot, Poe Dameron. A
character who wasn’t meant to be in
the movie very long has warmed his way
into our hearts with his
bravado, witty dialogue, awesome flying skills, and bitchin’
jacket choices.
Celebrate the
day right with some Star Wars comics, and if you want
more Comixology< /a>
has a
pretty good sale on other Star Wars books today. Elsewhere,
fresh off his newly minted
Netflix series, a new Punisher
comic is about to see the light of
day. Frank Castle’s books have

literally been on and off the shelves for awhile now, but one has to think
the popularity of his
Daredevil portrayal and upcoming series, that
this book will be
hanging around for awhile. Plus who
among us doesn’t want
some Punisher carnage in their lives? Bad
guys that’s who.

DC is getting their CW on this week as
are releasing Green
Arrow #52
and Flash #51 in the same week.
Speaking of the
Flash, did you guys see last
nights episodes?! What,
what what?!?!?! Easily made my top five favorite
episodes of
the show, with bonus sadness that
there are only
three episodes left. Which means this would be a great
opportunity to jump on to
the books
leading into the new Rebirth event. Plus this issues starts a
arc with the Riddler (yes of
Batman fame) and that reeks of all types of
coolness. Actually, I would
really enjoy it if they brought the
Riddler on to
the show at some point, but don’t hold your breath. Pretty
the CW shows
aren’t allowed to verbally acknowledge that Batman
exists. Sigh. Meanwhile
the Green Arrow is… dead? At
least according to the
synopsis he is, as this feud with Deathstroke
continues to escalate.
Speaking of characters I’d like to see back on CW shows.
Fear not
fellow Arrowheads (is that what
you call Green Arrow fans? If
not I totally want credit for that
name!) I’m sure Oliver isn’t
really dead
just in a really bad spot. Why not read the book and find out
what’s going on

Rounding off the week, Image is

here this month to fill your
zombie void as Walking Dead #154 is
released. I don’t know about
you guys but Fear the Walking

Dead doesn’t do it for me. So with the show in the batter’s box until

October (come on! That joke
was awesome and you know it!) I will fill
my Walking Dead void
with… Walking Dead comics.
Such a novel
idea. Oh a just for fun addition to The Pull List.
Image has released
a Walking
comic coloring book. I gots to get my grubby little
hands on that,
and suggest you do too. What
could be more fun then coloring your
own zombie gore?

There you have it Geeklings. Thus
concludes this
addition of The Pull List.
As always thanks for stopping
by and if you want to keep talking comics, the
comments section is all yours.

Until next week happy reading, support your local comic shops, and revel in
awesomeness that will be
Captain America: Civil War. Yub nub!

Images from
Marvel, DC, Image, Star Wars, and Free Comic
Book Day

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