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The Pull List 5/18/16

Published on May 18th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

I love the smell of comic books in the morning, and I mean that quite literally today. I woke up early because morning exercise is now a part of my life, and had enough time between finishing that and taking a shower to read this weeks show case book… Civil War II #0

civil-war-II-cover-96a7e (1)

It’s rare when a comic book series will get two issues with the number zero but Civil War II is here to defy those odds. The first issue zero came out on Free Comic Book Day and seemed to be ahead of the story line of this current issue zero. Has this gotten confusing yet? Civil War II #0 helps set the table for the upcoming conflict and provides some excellent dialogue and set moving, but is surprising slow on the action. It’s a very talky book that has hopefully set enough of the table for issue one to jump into civil warring. The story here is a mirror of Minority Report and has the potential to be fantastic. Civil War left some big shows to follow and I’ll be curious to see if Civil War II will be able to fill them. Clearly it’s looking to cash in on the MCU’s use of Captain America: Civil War (can you blame them? That things a cash cow of awesomenss!). As this big event is just getting started there is one thing that is certain… the Marvel landscape is looking to change, yet again, and here’s hoping that some of the younger heroes can have the torch passed down to them. Looking at you Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, and Nova. Yes I’m aware this is the young core of the ANAD Avengers, but they’re also some of my favorites so they get the plug. It’s my column.

portrait_incredible (4) portrait_incredible (5)One of the things that was surprisingly lacking from both versions of Civil War II #0 was Iron Man. You may find this strange as he is the leader of one of the opposing sides. It must be because International Iron Man #3 comes out today and Tony is too busy in that book to pay attention to the impending hero on hero action. Bendis is not writing one Iron Man book but two to help really flesh out Tony’s role in this post Secret Wars Marvel universe. At some point one has to assume that Tony will be entering the fray in dramatic fashion, but until then why not enjoy one of his two books? Now that I think of it, all the Marvel books I’m pushing this week are written by Brian Michael Bendis. Dude has had a busy week. Spider-Man #4 is out today with the continued adventures of Miles Morales as he tries to establish himself as New York’s only Spider-Man. Looking to make him feel right at home are Black Cat and her band of merry henchmen. Oooooooh to be a teenager in New York City with super powers.

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If you are a Harley Quinn fan, and let’s be honest, who among us isn’t? Then this has been a great week for you. DC seems to be moving forward on an all female hero movie with Quinn as it’s center piece, and that’s just being made based off her reception in the Suicide Squad trailer. I stand by my claim that Squad is going to help purge BvS from Future-Quest-1-1-600x923 SM_AM_AL_7-copythe minds of most DC fanboys. Continuing the Harley Quinn is in your nerd headlines news is issue number twenty-seven of her monthly series that seems to be taking a dig at Marvel’s own… Deadpool. *gasp* It is pretty much every fanboys dream that Deadpool and Harley Quinn at some point meet together in comic book, 4th wall breaking bliss (I mean, I dare you to go to a Comic Con and try and count the amount of Harley Quinns and Deadpools you see. I bet you get a nose bleed first.). This months issue sees Harley interacting with Redtool (wow that name sounds awfully close to Deadpool, doesn’t it?) for what should be a fun parody issue. DC also has the first issue of Future Quest out this week which seems to be an Avengers style Hanna-Barbera like comic. I don’t know much about this book but Space Ghost is in it and that’s pretty cool. Rounding out the books this week is DC’s Superman: American Alien #7 which some would argue is the best Superman book on the market currently. Since I’m not a huge fan of Supes and actually prefer him in the villain role, I’ll stick with Injustice thank you very much.

There you have it puddins, a new week with new comics for your eyeholes. What did you guys think of the start of Civil War II? Are there any other books you’re reading this week? Sorry to leave off the independents but I stuck to the big two this week. Sound off in the comments with all your comic head thoughts!


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