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The Pull List 4/6/16

Published on April 6th, 2016 | Updated on | By FanFest

Oh my fellow Geeklings, did
you feel it? When you woke up this
morning there was something hanging in
the air, something totally reeking
awesomeness. Yet you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. What could it

possibly be? “It’s
Wednesday… the week is almost over… ummmm… it’s
it’s Wednesday
!! That means
it’s new comic book day!
Better yet it means a new Pull List
column over at Fan Fest. Oh

happiest of happy days!” And I’m here to assure you, Geeklings that you
not the only ones who woke
up anticipating the awesome. I’ve been looking
forward to writing this
column. All. Day. Long. So why don’t
we quit with the
foreplay and get down to the nitty gritty. It’s time to
pick our number one
book of the
week, but what could it be? Hmmm, there are so many books to choose
Just going to have to do it the old
fashioned way. Eenie, meenie, miney,

(Too Soon? Nah that was
) Our number one book of the week
is here to help get you over
your Walking Dead blues,
and what better
way to get over those blues then reading the newest issue of
(#153)! We’ve got to wait six months until the show returns, but we

also hold an advantage. There are
tons of Walking Dead comics for us to
turn to to help bridge the
off season gap. Negan doesn’t
appear until issue
#100 so that means you have fifty-three issues to read to
put you ahead of the
Things are getting pretty crazy in the Walking Dead universe
now, as the war with the
Whisperers (you’ll have to read to figure out
who those creeps are) is
heating up. Alliances are being made
and people are
dying, and your eyes should be reading.

If the wounds
the Walking Dead
are still too fresh and you need to turn elsewhere for
your comic book
entertainment, then why not give
Archie #7 or the debut
issue of Poe Dameron a
whirl. Now I know some of you

are probably thinking, “did he just suggest an Archie book?”, and
answer to that question is
a resounding yes! I thought the same thing until I
started reading Mark
Waid’s take on Archie, and I have to
say he made a
believer out of me. This book is funny, charming, packed with
feels, and putting
characters in a modern setting has done wonders for this book. I promise.

Buuuuuut if clumsy/charming
red headed high school dudes aren’t your cup
of tea then why not some
Star Wars! Poe Dameron,
everyone’s favorite
X-Wing pilot, has finally gotten his own much
anticipated comic and it just so

happens to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens on Blu-
I’m sure it’ll have
plenty off BB-8.

Shifting over to super heroes let’s begin with
Marvel as the third
issue of Spider-567065cfebad5Man (staring Miles
Morales) is released today. This
book has me all types of excited
because I’m
very pro Miles Morales as Spider-Man and this issue has Ms.
Marvel making a very
guest appearance. Yes I know that the two of them are Avengers already
is a buddy comic too much to ask
for between the two? I may or may not be
shipping them pretty hard. What? I
will not be judged! Moving away
from my
fanboy crushes let’s talk about Black Panther #1 and why
you should
read it. Let’s be
honest, if the trailers are any indication, Black Panther is
going to steal
the show in Civil War.
Did you see the newest trailer
where he’s ripping Cap’s shield out of his
hands (insert shocked emoji
it would be in your best interest to get into this book before he
blows up. If
for some reasons
those two books don’t wet your whistle (you monster you) you
can always get
your Avenger on with Black
Widow #2
which wins my
contest for favorite cover of the week. The
Black Widow books have been

very entertaining tales of espionage and the art work is always crisp plus
months cover.

DC has books to read this month too and
start with Superman
. Starting this month we have a
new writing team bringing us our
Superman stories, and let’s hope they
have a better grasp on the character
then Zack Snyder (am I right?).
If you have
Superman fatigue (and I wouldn’t blame you that movie was
then why not
turn to our hooded vigilante as he continues his battle with
Deathstroke in
Green Arrow
#51. We already know that tonight
on Arrow someone
is going to die (#whoseinthegrave)
but I’m pretty
sure everyone will be alive in the comic. Why not turn here
to dry your eyes
really dry your eyes with your book as it will ruin it’s value. Common

rookie mistake). If you just want to
watch Arrow and not read
it, Batgirl has a new issue out
(#50) and it looks like a whole
of lady heroes are stepping out to celebrate the mile stone issue with
her. If
the cover is any
indication we can expect to see Black Canary and Harper Row
make appearances
with everyone’s favorite lady

there we have it Geeklings. Those
are the top
books of the week. Of course if you have any other suggestions
please feel free
to sound off
in the comments. Happy reading!


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Image, Marvel, DC, and Archie

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