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The Pull List 4/27/16

Published on April 27th, 2016 | Updated on April 27th, 2016 | By FanFest

Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na PULL LIST Na-Na-
Na-Na PULL LIST Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-

Welcome back to The Pull
my Geeklings! Can you
believe it’s been a whole week
since we last
talked about comics? How tragic. Well fear not as it’s
Wednesday and there are
a heap
of books to discuss, and none more important than this weeks
Spot…Batman #51.

I’m not going to lie to
you Geeklings
this weeks Pull List is a bit bittersweet as it sees
the conclusion of
Snyder and Greg Capullo’s brilliant Batman run. For me, this has

been the best Batman has
ever been on a consistent, month to month
basis. Snyder brought a fantastic
story telling ability to the
title as Batman
was put in situations he’d never been before, explored
areas and mysteries of
that we never heard about (Come on! The Court of Owls?!?! That was crazy

town banana pants!), all while
trying to figure out what was more important; the
Batman or the man. Snyder
brought some crazy ass
arcs to his run and
while his two Joker stories will stand out to most,
I think that the Court

of Owls and Superheavy were just as important. Think about
two arcs for a second.
They introduced completely new elements to Gotham while
having such severe
and impactful consequences for
Batman. Don’t get me wrong
because I thought Endgame and Death
in the Family

brilliant, and would argue no one writes the Joker better than

Snyder; who really taps into the
terror/chaos/heart of the character (Grant
Morrison is up there too). With
that being said these stories are
made even
better by the fantastic art work of Greg Capullo who made every
panel shine and
jump off the
page. Capullo was able to make the city of Gotham a living,
character in every book, and his art
work captured the stories tones
and moods effortlessly. When all is said and
done I think we’ll look back at

this run as one of the truly greatest for any super hero, and I’m saddened
their departure. I guess a
part of me believed they would just do it forever…
sigh. With
Superheavy wrapping last month this
issue should be a
celebration of their run together as they ride off into
the sunset to that big
in the sky. Or more honestly, Snyder will be writing All Star
and Capullo is going to be
working on a project with Mark Millar.
They are rumored to be working again
through DC some time soon. If the
gods are
good to us that is.

(insert a
moment of
silence for this
tremendously awesome run)………..

Now let’s move on
because there are other books worthy of your time.
Since we started off
talking about Batman it
makes sense for us to stay
in the land of DC as Justice League #49
is the issue before the end of

the Darkseid War. What’s made this event sort of cool and unique
that it’s been isolated to
the Justice League book only. You don’t
have to buy 8,000 other
comics to get the full story, all
you need is just one.
That’s kind of comforting in a world that sees big
events spread across tons of

different books. While this story pulls closer to the finish line expect
to be big consequences as
not everyone is expected to make it out alive. Take
that as you will as we
know deaths in comics don’t mean
much (unless your Uncle
Ben or Gwen Stacy) but it could be what this event
needs to solidify it. Another

note, rumor has it that issue #50 will reveal the identity of the Joker so

there’s that to look forward
to as well (although I heard that reveal might be
moved to the Rebirth
story line. I say this in
case I’m wrong and you
guys want to hate my face for it). Elsewhere in DC,
Batgirl #51 comes

out. Batgirl has been one of DC’s most beloved books since the
of the New 52 (yes you
can cringe if you want to) and looks to continue down
that path. Barbara has
a tough choice to make and this
cover sort of reminds me
of the Spider-Man No More story

Over in Marvel
the Avengers Standoff story line
will reach it’s conclusion

in Avengers Standoff Omega #1. I have been a bit underwhelmed by
whole Standoff
story line and am looking forward to its conclusion just
so my
Avenger books can maybe focus
more on improving its story telling
with it’s awesome characters (looking
at you All New All Different

Avengers). Marvel has promised some major dealings to come out of this

issue (a possible return of a
hero? Possibly someone cosmic?) as the company
starts to gear up for
Civil War II which will start
next week. If
you’re not looking for an event comic but something street
level with gritty
art and the
return of Elektra theeeeeeen you
might want to pick up Daredevil
. I binged read the last four
issues of this series over the
weekend and
if you dug the Netflix series you will totally dig this. I sadly
never got into
Mark Waid’s
Daredevil run and know this series has large shoes to
follow, but
so far I’ve been really enjoying
it. Ms. Marvel also has a
new issue out this month (#6) so that
gets big heap of yaaaaaaay
me. This arc has seen Kamala try and clone herself Calvin
style so she
can be in different places at once, and in
classic Calvin & Hobbes
style it goes terribly wrong.
In this weeks
creepiest cover contest, Doctor Strange #7 wins hands
down. If you’re
jonesing from that trailer and want to learn more about the good Doctor,

Jason Aaron is killing it and
waiting for you to read his book before you see
The Cumberbatch do his thing
on the big screen.

Outside of the big two be sure to
feast your eyeholes on Image as
they’ve got the books that you
need to
be reading. Saga #36 will be wrapping up this
current arc and bringing
the book
into another hiatus period. While that’s a bummer the story telling
and if you haven’t been reading
these little breaks gives you time to
catch up. Trust me it’s worth it as
The Will and Gus look about ready
to throw
down while a daring prison rescue could be on the horizon. With a
dash of feels
thrown in expect
Saga to be a must read for, like, ever. Image also has
the release
of Matt Fractions Sex
Criminals #15.
This book is so weird
and covers themes that you didn’t
think were possible yet you
can’t pull your
eyes away from the panels. You almost feel like you
shouldn’t be reading it but
an adult now, you can handle this stuff. Well most of it. I find myself

giggling sometimes too. You’re not
alone. Finally since it’s the 35th year
anniversary of the original
Alien movie, Dark Horse is
releasing a
new Alien series called Defiance. I remember
being a kid and
loving the
Dark Horse Alien comics. Hell, I remember being an adult and
the Alien movies so
much that they inspired the name of my furry
cat companion (it’s Hudson for
those curious). The idea of a

new Alien comic meets the nostalgia needs for the week.

you have it Geeklings. These are the books to
look for, but as always if you
have suggestions the comments
are yours. Before I
leave you allow me to present you the most adorable
minute and a half you’ll
all week. Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam fame and my favorite band…ever. Ever

ever.) recently released a
version of the Batman theme with his
daughter. In honor of Scott
Snyder and Greg Cappullo I’d like
to leave you with
that note. Happy reading



from DC, Marvel, Image,
Netflix, Dark Horse, and
20th Century Fox

Batman Theme comes
from the greatest band of

all times Sirius radio show (Pearl Jam radio)

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