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The Pull List 4/13/16

Published on April 13th, 2016 | Updated on April 13th, 2016 | By FanFest

Welcome back to the Pull
Geeklings! Miss me? Of course
you did! Well good thing for you
I’m back to break down all your
comic needs
for the week. Now, now, now…there’s no need to thank me I do
it strictly for
the pleasure
of helping all of you figure out what to fill your eyeholes with. I
guess in
that way writing this column
makes me a super hero…a super hero who
writes about comics that contain
super heroes? Sounds like a
Deadpool story
waiting to happen. #breakthe4thwall

Despite the fact
that comics were
only released
today it has already been a pretty full comic week. Last night saw
the debut
of the first Dr. Strange
teaser trailer, and it looks
trippy. I totally got this
Marvel’s version of Inception

vibe thing going on. Then again I did watch the trailer at four
o’clock in
the morning when I woke
up in the middle of the night to use the pots. Speaking
of trailers though,
have you guys seen that new
Suicide Squad trailer?
Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. I can’t stop watching
it. This movie looks better and

better with each preview and is doing everything right that Batman vs

Superman got wrong. I
stand by my theory that it’s going to be the DC
equivalent of the
Guardians of the Galaxy (and if
the trailers are any
indication then it might compete in the soundtrack
category too!). Despite being

spoiled with all this trailer goodness, we got a preview clip from Civil

War where Ant-Man meets
Cap for the first time, and I think that’s pretty
much spot on with how
I’d react in that situation. Pick
me next Cap! Pick

Alright you didn’t come here to hear about how
I wanted to be
drafted to
Team Cap (although if you’re interested hit me up in the comments
and I’ll
explain my reasons). You came
here to hear about comic books. Or read
about comic books?… To know about
comic books? Hell, let’s just
get to

Today we’re going to

focus on the big two
companies (sorry independents, we’ll see you next week), and
since we usually start with Marvel because of my basis
(at least I’m open
about it) we’ll flip it today and
begin with DC. Leeching
off of my Suicide Squad plug earlier our
dear Harley Quinn has a new

book out this week (Harley Quinn and Her Gang #1). I worry that
will suffer from
overexposure before the movie even comes out, but then I think
because home girl is going to
blow up after this thing drops
in August. If you thought Comic Cons
were already packed with Harley
Quinn cos-
players something tells me you haven’t seen anything yet.
Sticking with the DC
movie universe
Batman/Superman #31 comes out today and I’m sure there
are a
number of you (myself included) who
are still looking to get the taste of
that movie out of our mouths. The Batman/Superman book has been up and down
but at least they
whoGOTH_AC_17 the characters are (#sickburn).
If either
one of these books isn’t your jam
then why not turn to Black
Canary #10.
In an attempt to not give
away an spoilers, it’s been a
tough week for Black Canary so why not dry those tears and read her
book. If you
need more reasons
there’s a special guest appearance from Batgirl (and my weeks
cover). Finally, if you’re looking
for a more obscure, good read
then Gotham Academy #17 is what
you’re looking for this week. Think
it as the Hogwarts of the Batman universe. Except with less house elves
and more

Across the border, Marvel has got a few books that might spark your

interest. If that Dr.
trailer has
jonesing for something a little more mystical then I would highly recommend

giving All New X-men #8
a read. Spoiler alert, Dr. Strange shows up
(seriously he’s on the
cover folks). If you’re looking for
weird, Marvel has
got you covered. Ever since the arrival of Spider-Gwen
(who also has a new book
this week) Marvel has fallen back in love with all things Gwen Stacy. Well,

they love her, just not enough to
bring her back to life in full continuity. So
tune in this week if you want
to see what Gwen Stacy would be
like if she was
mashed up with Deadpool. Yes you read that right. The very
titled, Gwenpool
hits shelves today. Outside of that you
have Amazing Spider-Man
, and personally I’m too
far behind to tell
you what’s going on (I need to catch up), but I can

guarantee that there will be lame
jokes and webs. Really putting myself out there with that
guarantee but what can I
say… I’m a risk taker. In a
galaxy far, far away you
can turn to Guardians of the Galaxy #7
(you thought that was going to

be a Star Wars plug). Last month started a new story arc where Star

Lord and Kitty got
themselves into a bit of trouble and I’m sure this month
will focus on what
the rest of the team is doing to
help them out. And in case
you were looking for more of a Guardians
fix then let me tell you that

it looks like Star Lord and some other members will be apart of the third
fourth Avengers
movies, and it was pretty much confirmed
that Guardians vol. 3
will be apart of Marvel’s phase
four plans (duh
but also yaaaaaaaaaay! Any chance I broke that here first?
Let’s say

There you have it Geeklings. Comics
upon comics
upon comics. As always feel free to
tell me what you’re reading in
the comments or just start a fun, geeky,
comic conversation. Until next week,

happy reading!

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and Warner

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