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The Pull List 3/9/16

Published on March 9th, 2016 | Updated on | By FanFest

Hello fellow Geeklings and
welcome to this weeks edition of The
Pull List!
Since I’ve gone
all digital with my books (I’m not
sure if
this is a comic book crime or not but it makes reading them so much
easier, and
helps with
storage. Not to mention I have all these comics at my finger tips.
Thank you
gy!) I get emails every
Thursday letting me know which one of my books are
coming out the following
week. This week just so happened
to be a pretty big
pull list for me. That’s the one thing about reading
comic books, it is not a
hobby to have. You start off just wanting to read a couple of books and
next thing you know you have
twelve books on your pull list.

with the week in Marvel,
mostly because I’m a bit biased. If I’m going to speak to you
guys truthfully, I’m a Marvel kid at heart. If
you had a gun to my head and
told me to pick sides it
wouldn’t be much of a
debate for me. This doesn’t mean I think less of DC
but my heart belongs to the

Marvel universe which is why I’m really excited about this weeks releases.
starters check out Ms.
Marvel #5
and not just because it has a pretty
awesome cover. Ms.
continues to be one of
my favorite books out
there and helps transcend just being a super hero
book. There are clear Peter

Parker vibes with Kamala Khan and her books are fueled with humor, heart,
feels. Very much worthy of
your $3.99. If you’re looking for humor this week
sees the release of
Spider-Man/Deadpool #3. I
don’t know what I really
need to say to sell you on this book. It’s
Spider-Man and Deadpool. In a book.

Together. Just read it. If you’re a Guardians of the Galaxy fan
you’re in luck as this
week has two Guardian themed books coming out.
If you’re looking
for more Rocket and Groot then you
should totally check out
Skottie Young’s Rocket
Groot #3
(it’s in
the title folks). Young has a great grasp on the humor
that drives

these characters not to
mention a little fourth wall breaking and the occasional
feels slipped in.
If you’re looking more big
picture then check out Brian
Michael Bendis’s Guardians of the Galaxy
It looked like last month

wrapped up the first story arc with the new band of Guardians and with Quill

leaving his presidency
behind it looks like he’ll be a full time contributing
member to the team
again. I’m sure Rocket will be
pumped about this.

in the world of DC a couple of books are
hitting those milestone numbers, and

those two books just so happen to belong to two characters how have a big
movie release coming up in
the next couple of weeks. You may have heard of
them, Superman and Batman? Yeah
guys. Issue #50 of Action Comics comes
out and looks to continue its

reign as DC’s best Superman book. On the other side of the coin you

have Detective Comics #50
bringing an end to Jim Gordon’s
reign as Batman, an experiment
that went better than I

you have it fellow Geeklings! Clearly these aren’t
the only books being
this week, but I felt they were the books worthy of a gander or two
your eyeholes. Give them a look and
let me know what you’re

If you didn’t find your book on
this weeks Pull

drop me a line in the comments. Always open to new books!


Images from
Marvel and DC

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