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The Pull List 3/30/16

Published on March 30th, 2016 | Updated on March 30th, 2016 | By FanFest

It’s a new day, yes it is.
And what a glorious week we have ahead
of us fellow Geeklings! With
Wrestlemania and the Walking

Dead finale on the horizon, one must beg the question, what are you
do, brother, with
all this splendid geekiness? I’ll tell you what
we’re gonna do… we’re
gonna focus on today because it’s
comic book day!
Sunday can wait when it’s Wednesday and there are new
comics to buy! Welcome to
the Pull
List and let’s jump right into our slam dunk pick of the

This week sees the release of
out of
Image. For those of you who aren’t reading Saga I have to ask if you hate
all things awesome?
Saga is hands down one of
the best books on the
shelf on a monthly basis and it’s written
by Brian
K. Vaughn, a man who I
of worship for his ability to tell intricate stories with brilliant

character work (need further proof please
see Y The Last Man). Vaughn
might be the only comic book writer to
mist over my eyes with feels and

maybe Ms. Marvel once…twice? A general way to sum up Saga

would be Star Wars
meets Game of Thrones but it’s so much
more than that. This
comic is a story about family and
love and the bonds we
forge and all types of crazy sci-fi violence and
humor. Oh! There’s also a cat

that can tell when you’re lying (his name is Lying Cat. I know super
Fiona Staples’s art jumps
off the page and this book is worth every penny of
the adult dollars you
choose to spend on it. For

Over in

Marvel we have the release of
Captain America #7 celebrating the 75th
Anniversary of Cap or as it’s known on the

streets, “How Steve Rogers Got
His Young Back”. Issue #7 will see the emergence
of Steve Rogers as Captain
America giving the Marvel
universe two. Hey, if there
can be two Spider-Men why can’t there be two
Caps? Plus this move makes sense

with that small film (Civil War) coming out in May. If you’re
for a little more gritty
super hero action then my suggestion is turn
to Daredevil #5 which
has a similar tone to the Netflix
series (which I
still have two episodes left to watch. Arrrrgggghhhh I need
to finish!). But if
looking to get your nostalgia on then X-Men ’92 #1 (based off
incredibly rad 90’s cartoon) is
exactly what you need. After seeing success
with the issues released during
Secret Wars, the ’92 X-
Men are back to
pray on your need for all things awesome in the 90’s.
For the
longest time my ringtone was the theme from the X-Men
cartoon but has since
been replaced by the “Lonely Man” theme
the Incredible Hulk TV
show. Yeah I know… I’m the coolest.

There is
not a lot of books
coming out of DC this week, and one
can only suspect it’s
because they are hiding their shame from Batman
vs Superman

movie has made an
assload of money but was it me or did Zack Synder have no idea
what makes
these characters great?! While I
openly admit that I didn’t hate the
movie as much as I thought I would (I
went in with super low
expectations but I
stand by my #notmyflash feelings) I also know enough to
say it was not a good
and completely disregarded years and years of comic book character
So if you’re looking to see
these characters as they were intended
then I say turn to the finale of
Batman and Robin Eternal
. While
you won’t get the Superman you deserve there’s a good
chance you’ll get the
Batman you
remember (you know, the one that doesn’t kill people) and a finale
will most likely be setting things
up for
the Rebirth event.

There you have it Geeklings! These
are my
suggestion for your
pull list for the week. If
you’re looking for more reads you can turn your eyes back
to Image because
they’re releasing a couple of
trade paper backs worth your
time. For starters if you haven’t read Brian
K. Vaughn’s Paper
now would be a great time to jump on it with the release of Vol. 1.
story has tons of throw backs to
the 80’s with the typical BKV awesomeness.
On the flip side, if you find
yourself itching for the
finale on Sunday (I haven’t been this anxious for a
TV episode since
the Red
Wedding) then you could always pick up The Walking Dead vol. 25
they’re impending war with the
Whisperers builds.

Alright it’s your
turn Geeklings. Why don’t you
tell me what you have on your
pull list this
week. Or just vent your Batman vs Superman
frustration. Or you can just
about how excited you are to see Negan show up on the Walking

The floor is yours as they say.


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