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The Pull List 3/23/16

Published on March 23rd, 2016 | Updated on March 23rd, 2016 | By FanFest

Can I kick it
(yes you can)

Can I kick it
(yes you can)

Fellow Geeklings welcome to the Pull
, where
we’re kicking it in honor of Phife
Dawg, one of the legendary
members of A Tribe Called Quest. It has not been
a good year for musical icons,

has it? A Tribe Called Quest were hip hop pioneers, and worthy of
My suggestion is grab your
books for the week, put on Midnight
and kick back (yes
you can). Now let’s break down the
week in
new comics, shall we?

Today is
actually a
bittersweet comic book
day as it sees the conclusion of Scott Synder and Greg
amazing/re-defining run on Batman.
While Synder has one book
left to write, Capullo has other projects on the
horizon (something with Mark

Millar I believe) so this is the last Batman book to include the

dynamic duo together. And while
I want to address their importance to Batman
with a summary of their run
(look for that in the next couple of
days), I do
want to say there is no denying how they have made Batman
more than
just a super
hero read. Both men broke down the importance of The Batman, and
how he was
more than just a man, through
their fantastic, gritty, heartfelt
stories that also expanded the
characters origin (something I didn’t
think was
possible) and made the city of Gotham a living breathing character
within the
pages of the
book. Synder’s story telling was perfectly complimented by
Capullo’s art
work and I wonder how long it will
take the series to recover
from their departure.

Needless to say… buy

this book! Hell, buy their entire run. It’s worth it. I


You may have heard that
a little movie called Batman vs
is coming out this
weekend, and while I fully expect it to be
train wreck (as in I
can’t take my eyes away from the screen but also hate you for

taking my money), there are
other places you can turn to to actually get good
stories about the
characters. Obviously Batman #50
is top of the list
but this week also sees the release of Wonder
Woman #50
. From what I

understand Wonder Woman steals the show when it comes down to the movie so
not give her book, where
she’ll be the central figure, a whirl? If Wonder Woman
isn’t your cup of
tea this week then why not turn
over to everyone’s favorite
fanboy crush, Harley Quinn #26. The
Harley Quinn books have been

consistently entertaining, and with her popularity about to explode even
this summer, if that’s
even possible, with the release of Suicide Squad
(a DC movie I’m
actually excited about), why not
jump into this title now. This
way when all your friends are professing
their love for Harley you can be the

one to educate them on how awesome she really is.

While the other

comic book company, Marvel,
is making us wait until May for their movies
America: Civil War
and X-Men: Apocalypse) doesn’t mean they’re
neglecting us with
fine reading. For starters you
can turn to All New, All
Different Avengers #7
which is a part of
the Avengers
event. While I’ve been sort of disappointed with this book I’m
that this event can shake it out
of it’s slump. Mark Waid is a fantastic
writer and these characters, on
paper at least, are top contention
for my fanboy
dream team, so there’s hope. Plus the series is still
relatively young, so keep
the faith
Geeklings. If you don’t want Avengers but want an Avenger look no
than All New Hawkeye #5.
Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run
is hands down one of the greatest
comic books I have ever read. No
and no b.s. Do yourself a favor and read it. The new series has
still been
despite living in the shadow of Matt Fraction, and delivers plenty
of action
and humor for your eyeholes. I
know you’re thinking, “Hawkeye,
really?!”, and I all I can say is…

Hey Kev, super
aren’t really my bag this week.”

Is something
could say to me. In which
case allow me to inform you that Jason Aaron’s
Wars #17
is out over
in Marvel. Aaron has been killing it on all things he
writes (be sure to
check out his run on Thor
as well) and who are you
kidding? You’ve wanted more Star Wars
since the end credits hit the

screen of The Force Awakens. This series takes place between
Empire and it’s everything you would want a Star
to be. If death swords made out
of light aren’t your thing then
why not go over to IDW and read the newest
issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja

Turtles. This series recaptures the gritty street level goodness from
early days of
TMNT (unlike the movie counter parts) and has provided
packed stories that also have the
feels. Don’t believe me. Talk to the
90’s version of me who gets all the
nostalgia when he reads these


There you have it Geeklings. These
my suggestions for the
week. If you got some other books on your pull list feel
free to drop me a
line in the comments. Until then,
happy reading!

Images from

Marvel, DC, IDW, and WWE

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