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The Pull List 3/2/16

Published on March 4th, 2016 | Updated on March 4th, 2016 | By FanFest

Hellooooooo fellow Geeklings
and welcome to my new Fan Fest
column, The Pull List! I’ll be here
every Wednesday, which just so

happens to be my favorite day of the week, to discuss the books that you
consider putting on your
pull list. Comic book day itself is enough to get
excited about but it’s
way more exciting when you
have books to look
forward to. While I’ll openly admit that I don’t read
all the books that I
it doesn’t mean that I don’t know what books are getting the big
treatment. Think of me as your
comic book compass. I may not know what
you’re reading but I’ll try and
point you in the right

This week
there’s a handful of books to try and
get your mitts on. For starters
Widow joins the all new Marvel universe with Black Widow #1,
and if you
read her previous
book (written by Nathan Edmondson) then you’re most likely
ready to see her
jump back into the fray.
Elsewhere in the new Marvel universe
Miles Morales is still adjusting to
being the main Spider-Man, with
Peter Parker
taking his show on the road. I’m a little biased here because
I love the Miles
character, and his inclusion in the Marvel universe as an Avenger/main

Spider-Man has me all types of pumped.
Be sure to check out Spider-Man
. Do you have event comic
fatigue? Well, don’t worry Marvel has
just the
thing for you after Secret Wars. That’s right a new minor
event to get
you ready for
Civil War II. Be sure to check out Avengers Standoff:
To Pleasant Hill #1
as Marvel
begins to pave the road to it’s next
major event.

Over in the land
of DC
look for one of it’s more
consistent titles, Batgirl, as issue
number 49 drops this week. If
you’re craving more Walking
you’re in luck because that show you’re consuming every
Sunday has a new issue
this week. Things are getting pretty tense for our survivors and if
impatient to see where the show
is heading why not check out the source

So there you have
it Geeklings. These would be my
top five
picks for you pull lists, but there are tons of other titles to
explore. If you
didn’t see what
you were reading on here feel free to drop me a line in the
comments and let
me know what issues are grazing
your eyeholes. I’m always
looking to get into new books. Happy

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