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‘The Perfectionists’ Recap “The Perfect Pilot”

Published on March 20th, 2019 | Updated on March 20th, 2019 | By FanFest

Ali’s back! This time, she’s a TA at Beacon Heights University, a school for extremely gifted students. Mona’s back as well, she’s also a BHU faculty member. Mrs. Hotchkiss has admitted that Ali reminds her of Taylor, her daughter that she lost to suicide. That on top of her success is why Ali is at BHU. They both need a fresh start and Oregon’s the place. I wonder how different things will be this time.

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

The new generation of liars includes Nolan Hotchkiss, Taylor’s brother, who seems like an Ali 2.0 or maybe a Noel Kahn 2.0. He is blackmailing Caitlin Martel- Lewis to say they are dating because his family doesn’t approve of him dating Ava Jalali. He’s friends with Dylan only because Dylan will do his and Ava’s homework. Oh, Nolan and Dylan occasionally hook up.

Is it ok to murder a murderer, payback is a bitch? Heavy lessons for the first day, Ali but I guess it’s appropriate for these kids. Ali gets suspicious of plagiarism going on in the classroom, but is told to keep it to herself. She finds herself prying into the lives of the new generation. She’s on the nose, but still, she’s prying. Dylan has 24 hours to tell the truth about the homework, or Ali will report them. I guess things haven’t changed all that much.

Freeform/ James Clark

Caitlin, Dylan, and Ava meet in the woods to discuss how to stop Nolan. He not only has dirt on all of his friends, but he is romantically tied to all of them, keeping them around. He enjoys causing chaos. They joke that he should drop dead. Then he does. He’s pushed off the roof and gets impaled by a fence, just as Caitlin pictured, but who did it? We saw the body, so this isn’t going to play out like PLL OG, but it’s still a mystery.


There are no coincidences! Why is Mona talking to herself in mirrors- who is that lady? Why is Ali really at BHU? Wait! Taylor’s alive? And she knows that someone is watching the new liars? I’m confused, is she the new A in this series or the anti-A? Oh my god, the theme song is back! I instantly got excited. I’m so excited for next week, this show has hooked me in. I was invested in Nolan and they took him away- what’s next?


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