‘The Perfectionists’ Recap “Lie Together, Die Together”

Jeremy is acting super sketchy. He hints that he knows who killed Caitlin and that if she comes with him, he’ll keep her safe. Did he just kind of confess to killing Nolan?

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

The other liars along with Ali, Mona and Taylor take their evidence to Clair. She’s not phased and tells them that she hired the right person. Clair is determined to find Nolan’s killer even if it means tracking people she loves, including Mason. Booker gets a raise and is bound and determined to get the liars expelled. It seems to be her mission even if they didn’t kill Nolan. Ava decides to tell the liars her big secret and Dylan gets a notice to report to the ethics committee… he might be getting expelled after all.

Caitlin tells the liars what Jeremy told her and Taylor sicks her Beacon Guard on him. Taylor tells Ava that Nolan loved her and that he slept with that girl to push her away, to protect her. He never wanted to hurt her. Taylor also reveals that someone hacked Beacon Guard to spy on certain people. Jeremy seemed to be stalking Nolan and it seems plausible that he did kill Nolan. Caitlin calls him to say she’ll go with him to try to bait him.

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

The Gala evening is upon BHU and everyone is going. Booker cleans up well but she still plays dirty. She’s toying with them. While the liars wait for Jeremy to get back to them, Clair fires Mona for her relationship with Mason. Ali asks Taylor about Beacon Guard, it turns out Taylor fell down a rabbit hole with the technology. Taylor also reveals that she was with her dad when he was shot and killed.

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

Jeremy gets back to Caitlin and the group goes to the river to catch him. Jeremy is immediately suspicious and Taylor draws a gun and shoots him when he tries to leave. They try to make it look like self-defense, but Jeremy is alive. Maybe Taylor needs that retreat after all.


Clair refuses to believe anyone other than Booker, who has Ava’s money, Caitlin’s getting shipped off to D.C., and Dylan is expelled unless he confesses… things aren’t looking good for the liars. Mona is fired and Jeremy is still alive… things aren’t looking good for anyone. There is some good news, though. Andrew and Dylan made up and Ava and Zach kissed! What is going to happen next?

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