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‘The Originals’ Season 5 Series Finale ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ Recap

Published on August 2nd, 2018 | Updated on August 2nd, 2018 | By FanFest

After finding Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in the circle about to end his life with the White Oak Stake after the dark magic entered his body, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) stops him before he can go any further. Soon Klaus finds himself surrounded by his entire family in New Orleans. As Hope and Freya (Riley Voelkel) work towards “trying” to find a way to save Klaus, the rest of the family has been called in to say their goodbyes. Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) refuses to believe that Klaus is really sick and will be forced to use the White Oak Stake to end the dark magic curse that is flowing through his body decides to return home to his wife Davina. Rebecca (Claire Holt) tries to stop Kol and reminds him that there is always the chance that this could be the last chance to say goodbye and Kol reminds her that last chances do not stop with goodbyes it also rings true with love. Bringing her past with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) makes Rebecca stop and rethink some life decisions during this emotional time. She returns and has a heart to heart with Marcel that is long overdue.

Klaus starts fighting the dark magic and as it becomes stronger he hallucinates Mikael (Sebastian Roché) who tries to convince him to kill Hope and others as the rage pumps through his body. However, the good inside Klaus came in the form of Camille (Leah Pipes) who reminds him to hold onto the good inside of him. Klaus manages to escape into the streets into the New Orleans but soon Hope, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Marcel find him and return him home. With the help of Freya and Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), Elijah takes some of the dark magic so that Klaus can have some peace in his final hours. Klaus determined that he does not want to say goodbye to his family decides there is one person he does have to say goodbye too. Meeting Caroline (Candice King) in a small bar to say goodbye for the last time, Klaus who has never been at a loss for words is a man of few words. Caroline does remind him that if he does not say goodbye to Hope that he will leave his daughter with pain, questions and grief that she will forever live with. With that, they say goodbye without saying goodbye with one final kiss.

Klaus returns home to find Hope, so he can sit her down and talk with her like he has never talked with her before. He explains that he had to take the dark magic from her so that she could live her life. That he had not lived an honorable life but by taking the dark magic so that no one else had to suffer meant that he could die an honorable death and that meant so much to him. That he was so proud that he would die with the knowledge that he was doing something good for his family.

As the father and daughter where bonding upstairs, the Mikaelson Clan had gathered in the living room talking about Klaus back in the day. Their favorite memories as their shared drinks and laughed when a voice they didn’t expect entered the room. Kol had returned adding his humorous memories as well when Klaus entered the room. Klaus hugged Kol reminding him that he truly loved his younger brother. Announcing that if this was indeed to be his funeral then they would all enjoy themselves. They gathered around the dinner table and spent the evening laughing, drinking and eating. They then held a wish burning ceremony. Klaus took center stage to say his goodbyes. He reminds them it is not the end of the Mikaelson’s because they will be Always and Forever.

Klaus tells Rebecca that he has talked with Carolyn and that waiting in Mystic Falls is the “Cure” and that when she is ready to give up on being a vampire that she can return there and take the cure and finish out her life as a human with his blessing. That is his goodbye to Rebecca. With this blessing, Rebecca goes looking for Marcel who is giving every vampire in New Orleans a ticket to leave the town so that the town can have a vampire-free existence for a change. She tells him she wants to be with him but that there is a catch. She is going to take the cure, but if he will be willing to be with her for the next 100 years as she grows old and gray and takes her last breath then she wants to marry him. She then hands him the envelope that reads “If you say yes” and he smiles and says, “I do”. As the camera pans out on the bar wall, you see photos of all the characters we have loved and lost over the last five seasons.

Freya and Keelin decide that they want to have children and ask Vincent to be the father of the children. His first reaction is no and refuses Freya but after hearing that Klaus is giving up his own life for the sake of his family then maybe Vincent can team up with a witch and a werewolf and make an awesome baby.

Klaus tells Elijah that he does not want his death to be the last thing he remembers and he should leave. Elijah says that he agrees and reaches for the White Oak Stake and breaks it in half. Klaus asking if he is planning on keeping it for a souvenir, Elijah says no. Elijah tells Klaus that he plans to join him on his journey. That his only purpose all these years was to see Klaus redeem himself and that with his death was the ultimate redemption. Klaus calls him a hypocrite for making him say goodbye but, yet Elijah was just going to slip away without telling the family goodbye. Elijah being the true Elijah had already talked to the family and let them know his plan and though saddened they supported his decision to join Klaus on this new adventure to the beyond. With that discussion complete they stand to face each, looking each other in the eye and the shove the White Oak Stake through each other’s heart….

I cannot believe the series has ended. I also cannot believe they took them both. I had hoped that we would see them in cameos on ‘Legacies‘ however those dreams have been dashed with the sharp ends of two sticks. This was a truly emotional episode because I knew it was the finale but when I realized they were killing Elijah I lost it dear readers and I cried for about an hour as I had to watch the episode again just, so I could write this recap. I remember when the Mikaelson Clan came to ‘The Vampire Diaries‘. They were the supervillains. They were the ones you wanted to hate however have you got to know them and as they got their own show and we learned more about them we saw a new side to them and we saw they were truly good deep down and they do love each other. So I could ramble on this show forever but the truth is I am so heartbroken it is over that I will leave you with this as long as there is Netflix and Blu-Rays ‘The Originals’ will live in my heart “Always and Forever” …..


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