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‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 7 ‘God’s Gonna Trouble the Water’ Recap

Published on June 6th, 2018 | Updated on June 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

As the Mikaelson’s face a world without Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) they plan to mourn her but their enemies have other plans.

The vampires also are in mourning and are planning to carry out Greta’s plan to wipe out the hybrid and Mikaelson clan. Antionette (Jamie Murray) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) walk into their camp and see just how big of an “army” Greta had built before Haley’s last stand. However, when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) realized that Elijah was in New Orleans and was putting their family at risk by the black magic curse that follows them when they are close together he takes the matters into his own hands. With a snap of Elijah’s neck and his bite on Antionette’s neck, Klaus has drawn a line in the sand. Elijah calls Klaus with the deal that he will allow Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) to return his memories if Klaus will bring Antionette his blood to cure her. Klaus refuses the deal because he blames Elijah for Haley’s death and feels that he should watch Antionette die the same way.

Elijah and Antionette are in a cell. Antionette is upset that Elijah had offered to have his memories returned because she knows that once he remembers how much he loves his family and even more so how much he loved Haley she would lose him. However, Elijah knows that his memories being returned is his bargaining chip for the cure for Antionette. So he calls Marcel with the same offer and Marcel and Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) decide that is best for New Orleans that they make this deal. However, as they try to undo the spell something goes wrong and Elijah collapses and becomes unconscious.

As the funeral procession begins, Ivy (Shiva Kalaiselvan)tries to help Klaus astral project so that he can be with Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) during the funeral. As the funeral starts, Hope notices something is wrong and starts to panic. Freya (Riley Voelkel) tries to calm hope but soon feels that same type of panic. They realize that Marcel and Vincent is missing and yell for Josh who is up ahead of them. As Klaus’s “projection” arrives in the streets of New Orleans, two vans drive into the middle of the funeral demanding the release of Elijah and Antionette. Hope was just not having any of their crap. She uses her magic to destroy one van and starts towards the other as they drive away. As everything happens Klaus is dragged back to his body and as he tries to leave to return to New Orleans to help his family Ivy stops him. As he starts to fight her, she shows him what the prophecy says will happen when the black magic curse is triggered by the Mikaelson’s being together. What he reads stops him in his tracks, “Death of all Firstborns“. As he goes back to try and comfort Hope, she pushes him away literally.

Klaus carves Haley’s name in the same tree as Jackson and Mary. He says everything that he has held in his heart for Haley all these years. As the tears flow from his eyes his heartbreaks for Haley, his daughter, his broken family and himself. Freya calls to warn him that Marcel and Vincent had taken Elijah up on his offer. Klaus admits that his refusal to accept Elijah’s deal was not one of revenge but it was to save Elijah from himself. Klaus knew that if Elijah remembers how much he loved Haley and that he allowed her to do die that Elijah could not live with himself.

At last in the bayou, everyone gathered for Haley’s crescent memorial service. Freya gave a beautiful eulogy that brought me to tears. Hope vows to find a way to bring back “Forever and Always”. Hope also puts on Haley’s necklace as they push Haley ashes into the bayou. Klaus comes up to Hope’s side and takes her hand. For those brief for moments, Klaus was just her father. He was not a hybrid vampire, he was not a killer, he was not vengeful or even angry. He was simply just a father trying to bring comfort to his teenage daughter who had just lost her mother. Of course, the black magic curse soon took over and fire began to spread but Klaus still held her and told her that they could never do this again but that he loved her and he was only a phone call or letter away. As he left to get into his car he was attacked and woke up in the family home. He tries to leave but magic keeps him from leaving and he soon realizes he is not alone as Elijah enters the room……

I cried so much during the bayou scene.  Watching Klaus carving Haley’s name into the same tree as Jackson and Mary was heartwrenching enough but when he says all the beautiful things to Haley that he didn’t or couldn’t say to her while she was alive.  But when he stood by Hope’s side and held her hand come literally “Hell or High Water”  while they finished Haley’s funeral service was so moving.  In my heart, I know Hope will figure out how to beat this curse and save the “Always and Forever”.  Can’t wait to see the rest of the cast next week…


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