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‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 5 ‘Don’t It Just Break Your Heart’ Recap

When Klaus (Joseph Morgan) goes looking for old enemies from his past he finds more than he bargains for. He finds out that Greta (Nadine Lewington) is behind Haley’s disappearance after a little one on one time the only way Klaus knows how to. She explains that they have a “friend” in common August Miller (Jamie Thomas King). August was a famous artist in Germany who crossed paths with Klaus and Elijah in the 30’s. As we get a glimpse back into the past we see that August is responsible for the killing of many packs werewolves in Germany. What we also learn is that Antoinette (Jaime Murray) who Elijah (Daniel Gillies) chose over his family is the daughter of August Miller.

We find Elijah and Antionette in an alley kissing as they realize someone is watching them. Upon this discovery, they take care of the problem quickly and find that the spy had been taking photos of them. Elijah noticed the photos were mostly of Antionette and asked her why and she came clean about her history with Elijah and his family. Elijah becomes upset that she had not been honest that they had a past connection. She tells him they need to leave town because “they” have found her and he tells her that she can leave because he does not want to go with her. She tells them about the first time they met and how he helped her and she fell in love with him then. She asks him again to please go with her but he never responds.

After Greta tells Klaus that he must “bind” his daughter Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) so that she cannot make any more hybrids if he ever wants to see Haley alive again. Klaus must make the decision to put Hope through the torture or risk Haley’s life. Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) helps him with this decision by reaching out to Freya without Klaus’s knowledge.

Meanwhile, Hope is training with Freya (Riley Voelkel). They are working to strengthen her skills as well as her body. To find her mother, she must be able to control her emotions and her power. Speaking of those emotions, she returns to her room to find Roman (Jedidiah Goodacre). She asks why he is so interested in her and he explains why he is so intrigued and shared some hints from his past. When Marcel calls Freya with Greta’s demands about binding Hope’s “Hybrid” side, the two must make the tough decision. Hope knows that this is what she must do to save her mother and tells Freya to find the items they need to perform the binding ceremony. As they are in the middle of the ceremony Klaus arrives and puts an end to it because he knows what it means to be “bind” and he does not want that for Hope.

As the episode ramps up, Klaus decides if Greta fears hybrids then he will just start an army of them. Greta fakes being weak until Josh (Steven Kreuger) gets close enough and she attacks him. Hope decides to sneak off with Roman to find a witch to help with the binding spell. However, the surprise comes when Klaus admits to Marcel that he was the reason behind Greta’s hate because after learning of August’s mass killings of werewolves, Klaus went to his village and slaughtered nearly everyone there. As Klaus began he tossed the gold coin from the last episode in the air and said when you are ready to beg for mercy pick up the coin. A woman comes running out crying and cradling August’s body and grabs the coin and cries “I beg for mercy for myself” as she removes the cape from her face we realize it is Greta. She then cries “I beg for mercy for my daughter” as Antionette exits the cabin. Greta then cries “I beg for mercy for my son” as Roman exits the cabin. Fast forward to the present, Roman is on his phone and tells his “mom” he is about to leave and he has Hope Mikaelson.

So we are down to the last few episodes and I am so sad.  I know that it is almost over and all we will have is re-runs.  They have announced a new spin-off for the CW ‘Legacies’ which will be about Hope Mikaelson and  Alaric Saltzman’s twins, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman.  With any hope, we will at least get some cameo appearances of our favorite ‘Vampire Diaries‘ and ‘The Originals‘ stars during the series.  As far as this episode went I was shocked by the ending with Roman being Greta’s son but I knew something was off with that boy, (you know that mom instinct we have and can tell when a boy is up to no good) I just couldn’t figure out the connection until the end.  I just think Greta and her little army are underestimating the Mikaelson clan especially Hope.  I also think she does not understand just how powerful their motto of “Always and Forever” really is but I think she is about to find out…….