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The OG Crew is back at Walker Stalker Atlanta

Published on October 21st, 2019 | Updated on October 21st, 2019 | By FanFest

It’s amazing to think that we made it to season 10, but what’s even better is that some of the OG Crew come back to celebrate with us. Chandler Riggs, Sarah Wayne Callies, Emily Kinney, and IronE Singleton took the Main Stage Saturday to reflect on some great early series memories.

They reflected on some good times and shared how they coped with letting go of their characters. They lived with these characters for years and while it was difficult at times to move on, they were all satisfied with their deaths.

“I thought that was a perfect death for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I could give my life now just to make the world a better place, I would. I would hope under that circumstance, that’s how I would respond,” said Singleton.

“I always had imagined it with lots of explosions, and I got lots of explosions,” added Riggs.

Kinney was also happy with her death but admits she at one time had other plans.

“The only thing I guess, is earlier on, you know, in season two, season three, I did imagine my death in the future and I wanted to go through the whole thing of like being a zombie and yeah, so I didn’t get to do that. But by the end, I didn’t really want to be a zombie anymore,” said Kinney.

Callies talked about letting go and moving on from her past characters by using something a soldier told her.

“When I was done trying to fumble my way through an answer, he goes, ‘huh, kind of the same thing when we come back,’ and I was like, you have a real job. I dress up for a living, but it was interesting to think that there’s something to where do you put people, especially the people you live with for a really long time,” said Callies. “I don’t know that I feel like they ever die, they’re in a part of my head in my heart, but there are times where I walk off set and I know I’m leaving my trailer for the last time and you hang your clothes up and there’s that moment the mirror and you just go, I’m gonna miss you.”

Riggs added that he feels “like every character that every actor does, there’s definitely something that stays with them.”

“It’s not just the character, it’s also that routine and those people that you’ve got to work with, and it’s like these little chapters in your life. It’s hard to leave,” said Kinney.

You can catch the OG Crew in some new shows coming soon, Riggs in A Million Litle Things, Callies in Council of Dads, Kinney in Netflix’s Messiah and Singleton in the film Safety.

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