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The NFL Team has Agreement to Build a $2.2 Billion Domed Stadium

On Monday, the Tennessee Titans announced they have agreed to terms with the city of Nashville to build a new domed stadium. This $2.2 billion project will be built at no cost to the city’s general fund and is set for completion very soon. The Titans have been playing in Nissan Stadium since 1996, but due to its age and needed repairs, VSG (a consulting firm) said that it would almost be cheaper to build an entirely new dome than it would be repair the old one over time.

“This new stadium proposal protects Metro taxpayers by not spending a single dollar that could be spent elsewhere on our core priorities like education and public safety,” said Mayor John Cooper in a statement. “Doing nothing was not a legal option for us, and renovating the current stadium proved to be financially irresponsible, so we are proposing a new stadium paid for by the team, the state, tourists and spending around the stadium — not by your family.”

The NFL Team has Agreement to Build a $2.2 Billion Domed Stadium

The #Titans and City of Nashville have agreed to terms for a new lease and stadium

The new stadium would be erected east of Nissan Stadium, where parking lots currently stand. The Tennessee Titans, NFL and PSL sales will finance $840 million of the proposed $2.2 billion project while the state has allocated $500 million. The needed remaining sum of $760 million will come from revenue bonds issued by the Metro Sports Authority.

In a statement, Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk said,”The way the people of Tennessee have embraced this team as their own is truly something special, and I am thrilled that with this new agreement, we will cement our future here in Nashville for another generation.”

The Titans stated that the new stadium could be operational as soon as 2026. This will also enable Nashville to host large events annually such as the Super Bowl and WrestleMania. The domed stadium will additionally accommodate up to four Tennesee State University football games yearly, and the school’s team will have an exclusive locker room in the building.

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