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The New and Exciting Bands We Saw at Altersonic

Published on January 16th, 2017 | Updated on January 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Altersonic is a great showcase where you can discover new bands. I had the great honor to be there at a showcase on Friday the 13th (what a great day for a showcase, right?). I’ve seen many great bands that blew my mind. Bands that I didn’t think could play everything live like they did.


  1. GIRL


This is the first band of the evening. It’s a German duo that makes psychedelic garage rock. It had a very rough tone to it, but at the same time there were pieces that could blow you away! The lead vocalist used his guitar skills very well and I’m glad I got to see and hear them live. Here is a bit of music you can listen to:


Or you can go on their Spotify to take a listen. If you’re a fan now, you can follow and like them on their Facebook page!


  1. Baby Galaxy


Baby Galaxy is an indie rock band from the Netherlands, that counts 3 heads on stage. They have catchy songs with a lot of melodic baselines. Even though it sounds slow at times, the drums keep it energetic. Check them out!


Did you become a fan? If so, go to their Facebook page and show them your love!


  1. Rumours


Let me tell you this, of the whole evening, Rumours is the band that surprised me the most. Rumours is a Belgian based band that counts 4 band members. When I heard their tracks online I was very curious at how it would sound like live. They’re one of the few bands that sound even better live than on their cd’s. Listen below:

If you have the chance to see them live, grab that chance with both hands. Follow them and like them on their Facebook to see where they play next!


  1. The Ten Bells


This is another band from the Netherlands, with 4 band members, that brings a nice mix of garage and blues rock. They are all very nicely dressed as you can see, this was the same on the day of the show. It brings a nice stage persona with it. I did like the music and I’ve heard many people say that they are in the genre of the Arctic Monkey. Take a listen and let us know if you think the same!


Follow and like them on their Facebook!


  1. Blackberries


This band also surprised me, but by its unique sound. You need to appreciate the unique music genre of Psychedelia and Krautpop to understand their sound. Give it a chance and you will sure be surprised!


It’s a German band with 3 band members, you can follow them online on their Facebook page!


  1. The Guru Guru


The last band is a Belgian band that counts 5 band members. I truly loved their heavy borderline rock sound, with the very powerful voice. The band brings a lot of energy and it sure did bring a lot of people to the bar where they were playing. Check them out!


They also had one of the best sound checks ever. But for that, you had to be there to know what I’m talking about! Follow and like them on their Facebook and stay in touch with their tour dates.


It was a nice ending to my week in Groningen, with a lot of good music. I hope I can be at another Altersonic showcase next year!


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