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The Mystery of Why Maggie Requires Negan’s Help Revealed in New Walking Dead: Dead City Trailer

Published on February 26th, 2023 | Updated on February 26th, 2023 | By FanFest

This June, AMC will be premiering The Walking Dead: Dead City – the highly anticipated spin-off from the original series. As it prepares to break ratings records and gain fan approval, one question has remained at large; why Maggie would choose Negan as her companion for a voyage to New York? Now that a new trailer is finally out, we can all discover what led Maggie to this conclusion: even if she hates him, she needs Negan.

The Walking Dead‘s official Twitter page and Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan have shared a thrilling teaser, along with an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip to divulge the reason Maggie and Negan are seemingly thrown together for their upcoming series. As viewers discover in the new footage, Hershel – Maggie’s son (played by Lauren Cohan) – is kidnapped. To rescue her beloved offspring from peril, Maggie needs help from none other than Negan; he is reportedly the only one who can assist her as she embarks on this daunting mission. The rapid trailer discloses walkers lurking in the alleys of New York, Negan acting as an audacious vigilante and unveiling a new level of suspense that hasn’t been seen in ages. Don’t forget to watch the exciting teaser down below!


From his menacing debut, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan on The Walking Dead quickly transformed him into one of the series’ most beloved characters.

At first, Negan’s entrance into The Walking Dead brought hatred and revulsion to viewers due to his viscous murder of two beloved characters. Nonetheless, over the years he has become one of the show’s biggest stars. With Morgan returning for a special appearance alongside Cohan’s Maggie in an upcoming episode, it might have been quite different if Morgan had stuck with his original plan for this iconic character on The Walking Dead; as he once confessed:

“I think, originally, it was gonna be three years. I think that was [the plan]. I had a conversation with Scott [Gimple, executive producer and former showrunner], and it was like, ‘You gotta be on it for at least three years if you want to be a part of this show.’ I was like, ‘That seems like a long time.’ Little did I know that eight years later or whatever, we’d still be here. That eight years has gone by like that. Like that. I can’t believe that we’re here and celebrating the end of this show as we know it. It’s unbelievable to me. There’s been so many kind of iterations of this show through the years, losing people, having people come back.”

Fans have been rewarded for Morgan’s extended stay! We’ve seen Negan progress from a nefarious villain to an ethically-ambiguous hero, and now with Dead City, he has the opportunity to make up for his past wrongdoing – all while smashing heads along the way. Who could hope for more in The Walking Dead franchise?

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