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“The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange” – Review

Published on November 13th, 2016 | Updated on November 8th, 2019 | By FanFest

Ok, so you read our review of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, saw the movie and you love it as much as we do (a part from having Benedict Cumberbatch, who seemingly cannot do wrong in any role he is cast in). So, like any good fan, you decide you want to delve deeper into the mystic arts and visit your local temple dedicated to the mystic arts…. your local comic book shop. You ask someone there to help you pick out some issues, maybe even a graphic novel or two, to help get you caught up in the mythology of Doctor Strange. Yet you cannot tell the difference between a Xandu and The In-Betweener. Are those beings or entities that I can come to bargain with? Can Farallah help me in understanding this?

Confused? So was I.

However, understanding everything in the comics world of Doctor Strange is now all together in DK Publishing’s latest book The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange.

This book, which can be read as a normal book from beginning to end, is better suited as an encyclopedia of the Doctor Strange universe. The book is divided into seven chapters each discussing a major component of the world of the mystic arts, both good and bad. With beautiful illustrations from the comics and incredible focus to detail, The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange is a great book for those seeking to both better understand the world of Doctor Strange and a good companion book when reading the comics. I give this book five eyes of agamotto and recommend it for your comic book collection, whether for someone who is starting to break into the Doctor Strange comics or an experienced fan who would appreciate this mini sanctum sanctorum of knowledge of Doctor Strange.

The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange is now available at all online booksellers and your local bookshops.

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