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The Most Ridiculous Loki Has The Most Ridiculous Nexus Event…

Published on July 7th, 2021 | Updated on July 7th, 2021 | By FanFest

Loki dazzled us with another fun episode when season 5 aired on Wednesday. With only one episode left, we’re quickly approaching the end of the series! We were introduced to a ton of Loki variants in this episode. Turns out the most ridiculous Loki has the most ridiculous nexus event. Shocking, I know.

Hey guys, if you haven’t seen episode 5 of Loki yet, we’re going to suggest you turn back before you spoil it for yourselves! From this point on we’ll be freely discussing the events of episode 5 of Loki.

Out of all the Loki’s we’ve seen in this show, one of the new Lokis has got to be the weirdest. Possibly the funniest, too. I’m talking, of course, about the alligator who is also Loki. That’s right, that alligator from the end of episode 4 is also a Loki variant.

There is actually a conversation about whether or not he actually is a Loki. After all, it could just be a random alligator. But wouldn’t pretending to be a Loki, playing the long game, be the most Loki move of all? These are the deep, philosophical questions that Loki presents us with.

We got to learn exactly what alligator Loki was sent to the void for, too. It comes out during a spat between some of the Loki’s. Do you want to know what Alligator Loki did that deviated from his timeline? He ate the wrong neighbor’s cat. So The TVA grabbed him and sent him to The Void.

Like I said, the most ridiculous Loki has the most ridiculous nexus event. Is it possible we could see alligator Loki return in the future, though? We certainly hope so!

If you haven’t watched them yet you can catch the first five episodes of Loki on Disney+ right now!

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