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The Mandalorian: Is the Story Progressing?

Published on November 13th, 2020 | Updated on November 13th, 2020 | By FanFest

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Recap: Chapter Eleven, The Heiress 

It’s a Frog family reunion on this episode of The Mandalorian! But don’t get too comfortable for there are other reunions that take the story in a new direction. Clocking in at a swift 35 minutes, it’s the shortest episode of Season Two thus far.

If you haven’t yet watched the most current episode, be forewarned, the remainder of this recap will contain spoilers. For a quick refresher, check out Crooked Llama’s recap of season one.

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

The Plot

“The Heiress” begins where the previous episode ended with Mando (Pedro Pascal) transporting the Frog Lady (Misty Rosas) and her unfertilized eggs to a nearby planet to be reunited with her husband. The Razor Crest crash lands onto Trask and into a body of water, having to be fished out by dock workers. The workers are less than hopeful of repairing the ship beyond getting it back into the air.

Not all is a loss, as the Frog Lady is reunited with her husband (John Cameron). Mando visits a nearby Inn to seek out information on the whereabouts of other Mandalorians. While The Child eats, Mando learns that Mandalorian are a two hour boat-ride away.

With this new information, Mando sets sail with the Child following his informant’s advice. The advice, however, turns out to be bad, as the Quarren onboard the ship kick the pram holding the Child into the water to feed him to a giant sea creature called a mamacore. The mamacore swallows the pram whole, but not before the Child shuts the covering. Mando jumps into the water to rescue his foundling and is locked beneath steel gates. The Quarren attempt to drown Mando and all appears to be lost when unexpected help arrives.

Three new Mandalorian have set down onto the boat and defeat the Quarren, releasing Mando from beneath the steel gates and saving the Child from the mamacore. The reunion is cut short when the Mandalorian remove their helmets, exposing their faces. Mando is taken aback by this revelation but their leader, Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) explains that she is indeed a child of Mandalore. She further explains that Mando is a Child of the Watch, a religous sect of the Mandalorian set on reestablishing the “ancient ways”.

Mando and Child depart from the ship but soon run into trouble again when he meets the Quarren’s brother. Bo-Katan and the other Mandalorian once again come to his aide, after which they convince Mando to help them to take on an Imperial Gonzanti freighter in exchange for information on where Mando might find Jedi.

On board the freighter, Mando and the three Mandalorian take on some stormtroopers and Bo-Katan interrogates the Captain (Titus Welliver) on the whereabouts of a darksaber. Instead of revealing this information the Captain takes his own life.

Before departing, Bo-Katan keeps her end of the bargain and informs Mando of where he will find a Jedi called Ashoka Tano in a city on the planet Corvus.

Once again, Mando embarks on his quest to reunite the Child with his people.

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

The Verdict

The Heiress is a fairly quick episode when compared to the previous two, and seems to contain the least amount of story progression. While length is not a definitive measurement of quality, by the time credits rolled it was difficult to not feel as if we could have seen far more of Bo-Katan and Trask.

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