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The Last of Us: Review Episode 7

Published on February 27th, 2023 | Updated on February 27th, 2023 | By FanFest

HBO’s The Last of Us offers an insightful glimpse into Ellie’s life as the spotlight shifts between her past and present in episode 7, a faithful recreation of the bonus chapter from the original game. Fans will have an opportunity to experience some rare joy as she watches posters on her bedroom walls come to life through playable arcade cabinets. However, this is still The Last of Us; meaning that any good times are never meant to last for long.

In Episode 7, the narrative of The Last of Us‘ DLC Left Behind is skillfully and effectively woven into the main storyline. This look at Ellie’s past offers a better comprehension of her condition during that part of the story. As strange as it may sound, this play out as happy memories due to all those teenage shenanigans such as smuggling liquor, leaping off walls and roaring with laughter when corpses came crashing through floors! It makes us yearn for our younger days again.

As Ellie’s eyes light up at the mall, it is almost as if the screen has come to life with a vibrant array of color. It is like stepping into an enchanted spaceship or Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! The sequence showcases recreations from several moments in the game – from carousel rides and photo booth shoots to Halloween mask dances – every moment bringing palpable delight.

Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid have a delightful relationship, as Riley’s structured entertainment combines perfectly with Ellie’s tendency to be easily distracted. This lightheartedness is an invigorating reprieve from the gloominess that covers this post-pandemic world. Seeing Ellie in her silly element is something we’ve only caught glimpses of previously through William Livingstone’s puns – what joyous fun!

An impressive display of Ramsey’s artistry as a performer.

The chemistry between the two leads serves as a striking representation of a teenager’s sexual development and gives Ramsey an opportunity to demonstrate her impressive range as an actor, conveying diverse emotions within fifty minutes. In some ways, this story mirrors that of Bill and Frank from episode 3 but is never allowed to go beyond its confines due to adolescent recklessness and one unexpected intruder.

This brief burst of action seals their destiny and starts the gloominess in earnest. The heated confrontation with the infected runner is appropriately rough-and-tumble, displaying both teenagers’ makeshift fighting styles born from having very little battle skill. Though they may have won this fight, they lost the war; revealing each other’s bites as timidly as they previously expressed their innermost feelings to one another. Ellie’s burst of rage is an impressive outpouring from Ramsey as she shatters every glass surface in sight – a promising sign that she’ll successfully develop into the vengeance-fuelled Ellie seen in Part 2.

Music plays a major role in the story and is used with stunning creativity. Like Bill’s coded radio signals, two 1980s songs are brilliantly included to signify danger ahead. Take On Me by A-ha holds particular meaning for fans of the game series, while The Cure song Just Like Heaven offers an ironic contrast as Ellie – acting almost like a cure herself – enjoys a temporary moment of joy amidst all of her suffering. And Etta James’ I Got You Babe from the 1960s serves as yet another poignant reminder that nothing will ever be able to fill in the hole left within Ellie’s heart when it comes time for them to part ways.

The death of Riley illuminates how similar Joel and Ellie’s journeys are – both driven by prior losses to keep each other from being lost as well. By tending to Joel in the present, Ellie is not only mending a physical injury but attempting to mend her own wounds from the past too. This moment solidifies their bond even further, showing them that life without one another is unbearable. It isn’t just an insignificant episode or filler material; instead it contains essential background information about who Ellie has become today due its contents.


Bella Ramsey’s captivating performance in Episode 7 of HBO’s The Last of Us is a magnificent tribute to the Left Behind segment. We’re offered an emotionally charged account that is as touching and heartrending as it gets, plus it provides us with a significant glimpse into Ellie’s past which explains her motivations and behavior today. This story truly adds depth to our understanding of who Elli has become today!

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