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‘The Last of Us’ Director Addresses This Week’s Major Connection To ‘Part II’

Published on February 20th, 2023 | Updated on February 20th, 2023 | By FanFest

Just three Sundays left before the finale, and fans of HBO’s acclaimed series The Last of Us are finally getting to explore the intricate storyline from its source material – even if it is out-of-sequence.

In the latest episode, Director’s vision was realized when the post-apocalyptic show ventured into The Last of Us Part II. The snowy Jackson settlement appeared in a dazzling display during the sixth installment of HBO’s hit series – which is distinct from its initial game release that didn’t feature Wyoming at all! Instead, gamers were welcomed to the virtual world with an introduction to Jackson settlement as seen in Part II – once again recreated for viewers but this time set against a backdrop of spring vibrancy.

From the very beginning, Episode Six director Jasmila Žbanić revealed to Variety that the Jackson settlement was intended to be a part of this creative decision from showrunners.

“What we talked a lot about was that I survived the war in Sarajevo in the ’90s. I think for Craig and Neil, it was interesting that I was kind of living in a place which was like Jackson in a way because we were surrounded by the Serbian army. We were constantly bombarded. We had to be on alert, we had to survive, we had to learn how to live without anything, without civilization. There was no electricity, no food, nothing. But we managed to survive because of solidarity, and the way the city was restructured. You have to start from zero. That experience for me was something that I felt very close about Jackson.”

Surprisingly, before directing the episode Žbanić had never even touched a video game. She researched playthroughs on YouTube to dig into the reality of The Last Of Us and noticed how Jackson created an atmosphere that embodied Joel and Ellie’s journey after such prolonged struggle together.

“It’s a community that functions, and I find it really beautiful and hopeful because I really believe even in the worst catastrophes like war, I survived. People are able to keep the society. They are not always the enemy to each other,” she said, “so I was really happy to direct this episode that really said something that I deeply believe in.”

Žbanić’s appearance in the latest episode was a great way to represent her individual experience with settlement. Wyoming, on the other hand, is where players are first introduced to Ellie as a 19-year-old when they start playing The Last of Us Part II–it is unmistakable! Although some elements from the game weren’t included, Jackson still managed to create an emotional meeting between Tommy and Joel for viewers.

The Last of Us airs Sundays on HBO Max.

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