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Justice League Writer Wanted To Remove His Name From Theatrical Cut

Published on April 9th, 2021 | Updated on April 9th, 2021 | By FanFest

We all know the theatrical cut of Justice League hasn’t had a great time since its release. It’s not hard to see why. While I enjoyed the film for what it was it was certainly, overall, a mediocre film. This is really unfortunate because you’d think a film bringing the best DC heroes together would be amazing. That’s what’s more frustrating, is how mediocre the film was. Well, it sounds like the man who wrote the thing didn’t think too highly of it either. Chris Terrio, the screenwriter behind Justice League, is the newest person to speak out on the situation. He worked on BVS and Justice League and the writer wanted to remove his name from the theatrical cut of Justice League.

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Image via Warner Bros.

Terrio spoke with Vanity Fair about the whole ordeal and revealed a ton of juicy secrets we may have not been privy to otherwise. In fact, I recommend you read the whole thing since it’s kind of insane. He revealed that while helping J.J Abrams with Rise of Skywalker he got to see the film early. The moment the credits rolled, though, he was on the phone with his lawyer.

“I immediately called my lawyer and said, ‘I want to take my name off the film,’ Terrio said. “(The lawyer) then called Warner Bros. and told them that I wanted to do that.” is what he claims happened.

He was then asked about why he didn’t go through with it, as his name is still attached even today. “Prints had already been struck or hard drives burned or however they deliver movies these days. The elements were on their way, and to remove my name they would have had to restrike the prints or redo the digital copies, and the film could be delayed. It would be an international scandal and news story. So I shut up and I said nothing publicly. I’ve never said anything about Justice League since then, but the movie doesn’t represent my work…As far as I know, I wasn’t invited to the premiere, and I never watched the film again. “I think it would have created a whole wave of negative publicity that I think would’ve made the situation even worse for the actors, and for all the craftspeople who had worked on it, for all kinds of people. But I’m awfully happy that Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League is the one that is higher on my IMDb page.”

Zack Snyder was also asked about why he didn’t remove his name from the project. “I don’t know if I even thought about it. I mean, in retrospect, maybe that would have been a thing I could’ve done, but my friends were all in it and everyone worked so hard. I never saw it. Maybe if I had seen it I might have wanted to take my name off it.” he told MTV news.

Can you believe the writer wanted to remove name off the theatrical cut? What would you have done in his situation?

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