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‘The Jerry Springer Show’ Halts Production After 27 Seasons

Published on June 22nd, 2018 | Updated on June 22nd, 2018 | By FanFest

After 27 wild and crazy seasons of paternity tests, chair throwing, stage brawls and “Jerry” chants, The Jerry Springer Show has come to an end.

The Associated Press reports that the series officially ended with an uncharacteristically quiet departure from television. There has been no major announcement from NBC Universal regarding the series’ cancellation, however, we do know that the series won’t disappear entirely from television. While no additional new episodes will be produced, for the time being, reruns of the controversial talk show will continue to air on the CW and other networks in syndication.

Producers have also told the AP, “there is a possibility,” for original content to be created once more at some point in the future, however, they were not able to comment further.

This news comes after months of cancellation rumors circulating around the series. Springer himself had recently commented in an interview with ET that production has ceased for the series.  He told ET’s, Kevin Frazier, “we’ve stopped production of the show. Whenever you make changes, it’s sad.”

The Jerry Springer Show first aired in 1991 and first started out as a politics and issue-oriented talk show since Springer’s background was in news reporting. After a decline in ratings threatened the continuation of the series, Springer began to take on more controversial and risque topics to eventually become the modern-day version of The Jerry Springer Show we all know and love today.

While it’s sad to see the show coming to an end, Jerry Spring has undoubtedly left his mark on pop culture forever. You would be extremely challenged to find a person alive today who isn’t familiar with the “Jerry” chant or with Steve Wilkos, Springer’s on-set brawl bouncer. The iconic (and perhaps infamous) series ran for 4000 episode over the course of 27 seasons.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly


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