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‘The Incredibles 2’ MAJOR Update – Concept Art & Possible Timeline Changes

Published on July 7th, 2017 | Updated on July 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

A lot of people might be getting ready for San Diego Comic Con, but there’s another major Expo coming in a few days: D23 Expo! It’s a chance for Disney to show off all their material; and with Marvel and Star Wars all Disney properties now, there’s certainly a lot to choose from! Though it looks like the biggest attraction – or the attraction we’ve been waiting for the longest – will be The Incredibles 2!

You did not misread that nor are you hallucinating! The Incredibles – the Pixar film we’ve been wanting a sequel for since 2004 – is still getting its sequel and now we actually have some concept art from it! Now originally, we thought The Incredibles 2 would take place after a time jump of anywhere from 6-15 years. Although this concept art of the film paints a very different picture as we see everyone still around the same age they were in the first film. In fact, considering we see The Underminer’s drill in the art, it’s safe to say that this will pick up almost EXACTLY where the first film left off.

Now some might wonder if this is just a piece of recycled concept art from the first film, but there is some evidence against that. For starters, there’s no Syndrome or any of his Omnidroids. Also, who is that Raccoon on top of Violet’s bubble? Whether or not the raccoon has any significance, we can get a clear shot of suited up Jack Jack as well as what looks to be a Tidal Wave in the lower right hand corner and a bunch of other supers flying. Perhaps in the film, that Tidal Wave is one of The Underminer’s attempts to destroy the surface world? Either way, it definitely looks like unlike other Pixar sequels, this film will pick up exactly where it left off and not use a time jump. We will FINALLY get to see the Incredibles all teamed up/ suited up and ready to fight crime. Throw in a shot of Frozone and Edna and this film has everything we wanted and more!

Screenshot from Disney D23 Expo App

Now playing devil’s advocate, it was originally rumored that the film would focus on Jack Jack’s coming of age. If we want to reconcile this fact and this concept art, this film could have some flashbacks to the ‘Underminer’ fight and then jump forward. Though knowing how director Brad Bird likes to tell his stories, we don’t really need a time hop. The most compelling thing about The Incredibles was showing a family dynamic – when that family happens to be Superheroes. If the film picks up where the first left off, then The Incredibles 2 could explore how the family operates now that everyone is open about their powers. Additionally, this could still explore Jack Jack getting used to his powers – please be Superhero Pre-K, please be Superhero Pre-K! Further more, I want to see more of Edna and Frozone before we jump to the future!

Whatever this concept art means, I’m just so excited that we’re finally getting some solid signs of the sequel happening. The title card we got last year at D23 was okay but this is a big step. And keep in mind that D23 hasn’t even started yet. This was just concept art that appeared on the D23 App! So go find your super suit and stay tuned for some more details when D23 Expo starts in a week! We’re talking about the greater good here!

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