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The Heart of the Bucky and Sam Wilson Rivalry has been Revealed

While every relationship the MCU has given fans is important, a few will always stand out above the rest. For us, a few of those relationships exist around our favorite guy, Captain America.

His relationships with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson are two of the best. In each, a lasting friendship has developed via shared experiences and the heart of these heroes. Sam and Steve are newer friends while Bucky and Steve basically grew up together, however, they’re both important to Steve.

Which in turn, makes them important to Steve’s story. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re the biggest fans of one another. While there’s truly no ill will between them, a ‘difference’ in personalities exists, and it’s a hilarious one.

In a recent Q&A posted by Kevin Smith, Christoper Markus discussed the rivalry between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

‘It really came out of just being, like, ‘Steve now has two best friends.’ You know, it’s like, literally, just a juvenile impulse on our part, like, ‘He has two best friends.’

He went on to say that it’s that perfect sort of petty thing that reminds fans at home that these heroes are, well…people too.

‘You can put in this ridiculous rivalry in the middle of these very serious moments. The ‘move your seat up’ is possibly my favorite thing in all of the movies, because it’s just so petty. It also reminds you, those little things remind you that they’re people.’

It’s easily one of the most incredible things about the MCU, how the heroes are portrayed. They’re not just larger than life heroes on larger than life missions. They’re people with the same heart as all of us fans at home. It’s why we can keep coming back to these heroes and their stories.

‘The Marvel movies are about people, they’re not about superheroes. They happen to have these superhero responsibilities, but they’re people who don’t have enough legroom, you know? And I think that can be where, sometimes, some movies fall apart, is they take the superhero before they take the person. And having little bits like a rivalry between your best friends or whatever else, reminds you that they’re just like you.’

You can see Bucky, Steve, and Sam in Avengers: Infinity War now. For some great banter, check out Captain America: Civil War, too.