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‘The Gray Man’ Scenery Will Be Chewed On By Chris Evans, and There’s Nothing We Can Do About It

Evans is always going to be most recognized for his decade-long run as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is only natural when you consider how many of the highest-grossing films ever created he was a part of. Of course, there are several more strings to his bow; when The Gray Man debuts on Netflix in a few weeks.

The most expensive production Netflix has ever produced is a $200 million globe-trotting espionage thriller in which Ryan Gosling’s Court Gentry is on the run from his old government employers, with mustachioed Lloyd Hansen sent in to track him down and take him out.

With its opening sequence, the trailer fully delivered on this promise, with Joe and Anthony Russo noting that Evans’ uncommon foray into outright villainy is destined to leave bite marks on every object of scenery he comes into touch with.

“This is Chris going nuts, and having a blast. Lloyd is a character that was written to chew up scenes, and for the audience to revel in his insane villainy.”

Take one of the most gorgeous and popular celebrities in Hollywood, give them some wonderfully frightening facial furnishings, cast them as the main adversary in a high-concept action-packed spectacle, and we’ll just sit back and watch the fireworks fly.

The Gray Man is met with a lot of fanfare, anticipation, and scrutiny, but we’re hoping Evans at the very least steals the show.

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