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‘The Good Place’ Recap ‘A Girl From Arizona (Part 1)’

Published on September 27th, 2019 | Updated on September 27th, 2019 | By FanFest

Everything is fine. The Good Place is back one last time, for one last re-do, to save all of humanity. Totally achievable for Team Cockroach…right?

As Michael, newly demoted as he couldn’t cope with the pressure, tells us all in an uplifting pep talk. We have Tahani, so smart and sophisticated.  Janet, who can do literally anything. We have Michael, who had a setback bus it now doing great! Jason… And of course Eleanor, the pride of Phoenix, marching us in to battle.

The team have 12 months to take 4 bad humans and prove to the judge they can improve. From the season 3 finale we have John and Simone, there to mess with Tahini and Chidi respectively. In this episode we are introduced to Linda and Brent. Linda is a quiet, boring Norwegian lady who has no interest in the Good Place. This old lady just wants a mint. Brent is every misogynistic golf loving douche to ever exist. He’s decidedly here to mess with Eleanor, so Linda must be here to upset Jason.

Unfortunately, it’s not Linda upsetting Jason, but Derek. Having joint with Janet to make the new inhabitants of the Medium Place, he’s enjoying watching their babies frolic a little too much. Jason is driven to Derek’s kill switch, and with the help of Mindy St Claire, we get a beautiful Derek kill switch moment.

Busy trying to get to know the new residents, Eleanor has forgot all about Simone. Believing as they knew her in the real world that she would cope fine, they discover she is under the impression this is all a coma dream. Michael suggests the best option would be to team her with newly memory-wiped Chidi. Following a devastating interaction earlier where he couldn’t even remember her name, Eleanor is clearly rattled by teaming her love up with his ex-girlfriend.

Abandoning hope of fixing Simone, Team Cockroach turn their attention to the new recruits, where we get one of the best sequences, not only of this season, but of the whole show. Boring newbie Linda loses her shit, takes to the sky and kicks the hell out of the other Good Place residents. Why? Just like every little old lady, turns out she was a demon after all.

We close our season opener with Bad Janet collecting Linda aka demon Chris, the gym god. Never one to let a good burn go silent, she makes sure Eleanor knows that the Bad Place expected her to mess this up. We end the episode with Eleanor clearly rattled, and a to be continued in the sky.

Can Team Cockroach last the year?

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