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‘The Golden Girls’ Version of the Game CLUE is Coming Soon!

If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew… You would see the biggest gift would be from me and it would totally be this new version of the game CLUE based on The Golden Girls!  We can not wait for this special edition to arrive!

CLUE: The Golden Girls is coming soon from USAopoly and then, it will be up to you to figure out, “WHO ate the last piece cheesecake, WHAT they left at the scene of the crime, and WHICH room they did it in.”  Take on the personas of Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, Sofia and more as search for the dessert stealing culprit.

The room options are pretty limited considering the game takes place at the Golden Girls’ house.  The rooms where the cheesecake crime could have taken place include ladies’ four bedrooms, the kitchen, the garage and, of course, the lanai patio.

The possible item left behind (aka. the weapon from the standard game of CLUE) come in the form of 6 tokens including a purse, a high heeled shoe, a lounge chair, a nightgown and either a can of hairspray or spray cheese (we’re not totally sure).

Clue: The Golden Girls will be available for sale in the US and Canada soon for $39.95 and is recommended for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up.   Check out the images from USAopoly of the new board game in the gallery below.

Are you ready to throw a Golden Girls themed board game party?  Can we come?


Source: Nerdist

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