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The Future of Scott Snyder

Published on March 27th, 2016 | Updated on March 27th, 2016 | By FanFest

Scott Snyder has had a big
week coming off the release of Batman
(have you guys read it
yet? That issue is crazy town
banana pants. Go
read it. Now.). With only one issue left to his tremendous
run on the
main Batman
series, most fans have been wondering what he’ll take on
next. I would
argue that Snyder has had one of
the all time
greatest Batman runs (yes I liked him way better then
Grant Morrison’s
run), and
hate to see him leave the title. It mostly leaves me worried about the

future of the book. Batman
has been one of the comics I look forward to
the most every month, and
feel that the next writing team
has big shoes to

But fear not fellow Geeklings as Scott
Snyder is not actually
Batman! DC announced this weekend at WonderCon that Snyder has

signed a DC exclusive contract and
will be moving on to write a new
series, All Star Batman, with a
rotating column of artists but most

notably John Romita Jr. (Score for us!).

what I
understand All Star Batman will
be released twice a month and
will allow Snyder to continue to tell Batman
stories, which is the real big win

here, starting with a Mad Max inspired story where Batman has to
Two-Face cross country.
Everything about that premise sounds incredible and I
kind of hope they
throw in a dash of Fear and
Loathing In Las
just for fun. Come on! Totally gives new meaning
to the line,
can’t stop
here…bat country
“. You know you laughed.

The main Batman
series will be taken over by
Tom King (Omega Man). Although I
am already faced with the moral

dilemma whether to read the main monthly series or just stick with

Snyder’s All Star Batman.
Don’t make choose universe!

I for one am pumped to
Scott Snyder will continue to write Batman stories. How do we feel
Will you be reading
All Star Batman? Sound off in the comments

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