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‘The Flash’ Season Two Preview

Published on October 1st, 2015 | Updated on May 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Season Two Preview

Season one drags you along and at the end of each episode, you curse at the TV because there should be more. And then you take to the internet with theories on the course of events to help you get through the week to the new episode. The season finale is honestly one of the best that I have seen in a long while and has the ultimate cliffhanger, which made the summer break unbearable.

The final shot of season one is Flash running into the heart of a giant wormhole that is sucking up Central City. Bolt of lightning. And then roll credits. It was cruel. So cruel! There are some easter eggs within the season and finale that point to events to come. What should we expect out of season two?

Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator. His powers are just manifesting slower than the other metahumans. If you are a fan of the comics, you know that the character Vibe is in fact Cisco Ramon. So season two we should expect for his powers to play a more prominent role. At this point, the only person who really knows what is going on with Cisco is Wells.

As Barry is running through time, there is a glimpse of Caitlin as her alter- ego, the villain Killer Frost. Will there be any further expansion on this in season two? I don’t know for sure. Maybe toward the end, they will get into her transition, but she is honestly one of the most caring people on the show so something truly tragic is going to have to happen to turn her into a villain (if the writers decide to keep Killer Frost a villain).

Ciara Renee makes a small cameo in the final moments of the episode. She has been cast in the upcoming show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Hawkgirl. So we should expect to see Hawkgirl take flight in Flash (I couldn’t resist).

When the wormhole is open, a helmet comes through from the other side. This helmet is silver with gold wings on the side (thing Hermes). This helmet belongs to Jay Garrick, the original Flash. As we move into season two, the biggest implication of what to come is the wormhole and the appearance of Jay Garrick’s helmet. Could we potentially get into different timelines and Earth 2? The possibilities if this is the case are endless and it makes for a very exciting, action-packed second season.

The Flash has a very comic book-y feel to is, which means that at times the dialogue is cheesy (so many puns). That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Flash is well balanced between the cheery, comedic moments and the darker, heavier stuff. It is a much different tone than Arrow, as it is on the lighter side, and even Arrow main character Felicity Smoak references this in an episode when she comes and visits Barry, saying “I thought Central City was supposed to be the fun one.” I actually think that some of the moments in Flash pull on your heartstrings more than those inArrow . It’s a different kind of emotion, but I don’t think I have even been so heartbroken by a show (the last twenty or so minutes of the season finale are killer).

I know a lot of people who are not a huge fan of Flash the superhero. They think, “Oh yeah, he’s the fastest man alive. But all he does is run fast. He’s no Batman or Superman.” The really great thing about the show is that Barry’s powers are expanded on. He can run fast, but he can also phase through walls, heal fast, make wind gusts, travel through time, etc. The show then also portrays how Barry is affected by his abilities in real life. He can’t get drunk, his body speeds up the sobering. He also gets aroused much faster, and hilarity ensues. One of the best things about The Flash is that they are doing justice to both the characters Flash and Barry Allen. It is a fairly good representation of how Flash would be in the real world

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