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‘The Flash’ Season Premier Easter Egg/ Foreshadow You Probably Missed

Published on October 15th, 2017 | Updated on October 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

This past week, The Flash returned to the CW. Though not only did the show ‘return’ but it also returned to the light and humorous style of past seasons. Season 3 was incredibly dark – thematically darker than Arrow in fact – so seeing the show return to its silly roots while still being grounded was a wonderful touch. In fact, humor wasn’t the only thing from Season 1 that got a callback!

From paralleling how Barry first woke up to making fun of how Caitlin Snow is always up for analyzing urine samples, there were plenty of Season 1 Easter Eggs. Though there is one Season 1 Easter Egg in particular that also could serve as a foreshadowing. It was very subtle and could have just as easily been overlooked since it was part of Barry’s gibberish; but one remark very clearly reminded us of something from Season 1 (the finale specifically).

“Your honor, I’m innocent. I didn’t do this! I didn’t kill anyone!”

Now in the context of were this happens, it does seem very weird. Barry’s talking about Oliver, he and his dad being okay and the night his mother died. He’s all over the place and one would initially think that Barry’s saying he didn’t have anything to do with his mothers death. Though each of these phrases are actually callbacks to different events in Barry’s life – as opposed to a fractured remembering of just one event. And that’s where our knowledge of the Speed Force comes into play.

In the Speed Force, time is not only perceived differently, but it also flows very differently. While in the Speed Force, Barry could have seen all his life in an instant and his mind just couldn’t process it So where does that leave this line? Well, it’s actually something we’ve been waiting on for a while now as it is the only prophecy remaining from Barry’s first trip to the Speed Force in the finale of Season 1. This is when Barry saw him first joining the Wests, Killer Frost, the Legends, and most mysteriously: him in handcuffs.

Many have been pointing to the ‘Trial of the Flash’ storyline, but this is a little different. It’s not The Flash on trial but Barry. Who framed him? Could this happen later this season when his Earth-X counterpart comes to wreak havoc? Or is this a ploy from The Thinker who has figured out Barry’s secret identity? It’s too soon to tell and come up with a proper Theory Thursday article – yet – but this season could give us the answers we seek. After all, much of Season 1 had scenes of barry and Henry talking like this, so if there was ever a season to do a callback like this – perhaps with Joe and Barry – it would be this one!

Either way, we’ll find out as The Flash continues this season on Tuesday nights at 8 on the CW! And special thanks to the members of The Flash!!! – Flash Facts, Discussing The TV Show Facebook Group for first drawing my attention to this hidden callback.


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