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‘The Flash’ Season Finale Recap ‘Legacy’

Published on May 15th, 2019 | Updated on May 15th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Flash Season Finale Recap ‘Legacy’

The Flash picks up right where the penultimate episode leaves off with Barry blasting Cicada’s dagger to render it powerless. Ralph figured out Thawne’s plan right at the last second, yelling at his comrade not to fire, but Barry had already pulled the trigger. So Ralph jumps in the way of the blast, which scrambles his genetic make-up. Grace summons her dagger and flies off. Ralph is unconscious so can’t quite tell them why he got in the way, but Sherloque eventually figures it out. Now, Team Flash must find a new method for stopping Grace that doesn’t involve destroying the dagger, as Thawne will be able to escape his execution in the future.

Grace has formed a new plan thanks to the ghost of her uncle whispering in her ear. She fixes the time sphere and plans to go back to the night of the particle accelerator explosion, planting the virus in the machine. This way, it will kill the metahumans as they’re being created. Pretty genius plan and don’t know why she didn’t lead with that. Team Flash tracks her to her hideout and manage to warp her away to S.T.A.R. Labs. Nora then goes into young Grace’s mind to try and convince her to take the cure. Grace still hates metahumans and doesn’t want to listen to Nora, especially since her evil uncle is in her mind with her. Nora tells her that she will kill hundreds of innocent people if she doesn’t wake up and take the cure. That’s when the “good” version of Orlin appears and sides with Nora. Grace relents, waking from the coma, and taking the cure. Unfortunately, the shard from the satellite is still imbedded in Grace’s forehead and counteracts the cure. Future Grace escapes from S.T.A.R. Labs and returns. She is about to kill Nora when Cisco vibes the mirror gun to Barry. He is forced to shoot the dagger. Nora is saved and future Grace disappears, but Thawne is free.

Thawne murders all of the guards and is about to make his glorious escape/return when time suddenly reverses. Barry and Nora appear to take all the guards to safety and the showdown with Thawne begins. Reverse-Flash is just too good and he’s about to seriously harm the two when the time sphere appears out of nowhere, knocking him down. Team Flash has arrived. Together (and in probably one of the coolest fight scenes to date), Team Flash defeat Thawne. Of course, he laughs at them for playing right into his hands. Nora gets real angry, letting the reverse force take over, and almost kills Thawne. Barry snaps her out of it, but then Nora starts to disappear. Thawne tells them the only way to stop it is to take Nora into the reverse speed force. She and Barry run off, but then Nora refuses to keep going. She doesn’t want to become like Thawne. While in her parents’ arms, Nora disappears. Thawne tells Barry he’ll see him in the next crisis and runs off.

The Flash/The CW

Back in the present, everyone is a bit down. They won and lost. Sherloque returns to his own universe, thanking Team Flash for everything they’ve done. Cisco has been struggling the entire season with his true identity and decides it’s time to hang up the mask. He asks Caitlin to administer the cure to him. Barry and Iris have lost their child, Iris appearing to take the hit even harder than Barry. She finds Nora’s notebook, which contains a message left by Nora. In the time vault, Barry and Iris watch it together. Nora’s message is similar to the one she viewed right before Barry disappears in the future. She tells them that she loved every minute of her time with them. Nora thanks them for loving her even though she wasn’t perfect.

The final scene of the episode sets up what’s to come in Season 6, which we already know is Crisis on Infinite Earths. Gideon relays a message of a time flux and Iris’ article about the Flash vanishing appears. The date starts counting back, eventually settling on 2019. The shot zooms in, so there might be a chance that the title of the article could change.

(Warning: Post contains massive spoilers for the Season 7 finale of Arrow).

The Flash/The CW

In the season finale of Arrow, we learn just what Oliver’s deal was with Monitor in the Elseworlds crossover. To save Barry and Iris, Oliver agreed to give his life over to Monitor and protect the multiverse. In the finale, Monitor calls on Oliver to start his journey. He also reveals that there is a crisis coming soon and in every outcome, Oliver dies. However, future Felicity calls upon Monitor and asks to be taken to where he is. So, could Oliver take Barry’s place and be the one to vanish in the crisis? Oliver will do everything to save those he cares about, and Barry is one of his closest friends. Since we know that Arrow is bowing out after the crossover, it would make sense that Oliver would sacrifice himself (and “die”) in order to keep Barry from disappearing. All I know is that the next season for all of the Arrowverse shows is going to be really intense and I don’t know if I’m prepared to see anyone die or disappear during Crisis. The Arrowverse will never be the same.

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