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‘The Flash’ Season Finale Preview ‘Legacy’

Published on May 10th, 2019 | Updated on May 10th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Flash Season Finale Preview ‘Legacy’

Team Flash has played right into Thawne’s hands in trying to render Cicada’s dagger powerless. At the last moment, Ralph figured out what the evil speedster has been planning and yelled at Barry not to shoot the dagger, but it was too late. Now that it’s free of dark matter, Thawne will be able to escape from his captors in the future, as it was being used to dampen his abilities. I’m sure Thawne will run back to the future as his final plan, but to what end? What else could he want besides his freedom? Unless he hopes to trigger Barry’s disappearance sooner.

Barry will still have his hands full with Grace though, and she won’t stop until he and everyone he cares about is dead. The dagger was handy, but Grace still has full use of her powers, and Team Flash hasn’t been able to figure out a work-around for her yet. This season has been all about family and the relationship between a father and his daughter. Nora vows to fix the mistakes she’s made, and not make any more, but at what cost? Is she the one about to be killed by Grace in the trailer? There’s also the father/daughter relationship between Grace and Orlin. He has come back to her, but I don’t know if that was out of hate or if he plans to stop her from making a terrible mistake.

I feel like there’s a lot that needs to happen in the season finale to wrap everything up, which makes me think that Reverse-Flash will recieve the set-up as next season’s main antagonist. I smell a really terrible cliffhanger…

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