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The Flash: Premiere Has Been Delayed To March

The Flash, which was originally going to premiere on February 23, has been delayed to March 2 instead. It’s not all bad news as the reason for the delay is to celebrate the premiere of Superman & Lois. Even though we’re getting a celebratory 30 minute Superman & Lois special it’s still a little disappointing. The Flash is just one of many shows that were cut short due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The show ended without ever fully resolving its ongoing conflict. I’m sure it won’t take too long to wrap those plot threads up, but I was looking forward to seeing the fastest man alive! Luckily it’s still just around the corner, so we can’t be too upset that The Flash premiere has been delayed to March.

The Flash Season 7 Poster
The Flash Season 7 Poster

The Flash originally spun out of Arrow, as a spinoff. Barry Allen was even introduced in the two part midseason finaly on the second season of Arrow. There he helped save Oliver’s life, catch a bad guy amd even gave him his first superhero mask. For those unfamiliar the Green Arrow used to use green paint around his eyes instead, at least in the Arrowverse. The following year The Flash debuted its first season and was incredibly well received. Since then the show has gone on to spawn seven seasons and has adapted some of the best Flash storylines ever. Grant Gustin has become iconic as the scarlet speedster and even stars alongside the Flash from the 90’s television series.

I’m happy the wait won’t be too long, at least. I’m really excited to see the conclusion to the previous season. Actually, I’m just excited to get some more of The Flash! Luckily the delay is just a minor one. We’ll see Barry Allen and co return on March 2, 2021. The Flash will air on the CW and on the CW’s digital platforms the following day.

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