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‘The Flash’ Season 2 Recap

Published on September 28th, 2016 | Updated on September 28th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Season 2 Recap

Previously on The Flash

Following the opening of a massive black hole over Central City during the season one finale, Team Flash finds themselves recovering from the loss of not only Eddie Thawne but also Ronnie Raymond, who sacrificed himself in order to close the black hole. With Team Flash trying to move on, they meet Jay Garrick, who came through one of the numerous breaches between Team Flash’s world and his own. Jay is from Earth-2, where he consistently faced off with Zoom, a speedster that dons a black suit. Zoom has his sights set on Barry’s speed and sends metahumans through the breach between worlds to kill Barry.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Throughout the season, Barry faces off against foes new and old, including Dr. Light, Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, King Shark, Black Siren, Reverb, Killer Frost, and Deathstorm (to name a few). Team Flash is shaken by the appearance of several Earth-2 doppelgängers, most notably Harrison Wells. Earth-2 Harrison (Harry) comes to Earth-1 to help Barry stop Zoom because the evil speedster kidnapped his daughter, Jesse. He soon becomes an essential part of the team, helping Barry and Cisco further realize their powers (I was really excited when Cisco gained his superhero nickname, Vibe).

Two new characters to the show that are well-known in the comics are Patty Spivot and Wally West. Patty becomes Joe’s new partner and Barry’s love interest. Her father was killed by Mark Murdon (Weather Wizard) and she became a cop in order to track him down and get vengeance. She and Barry are incredibly cute together, but unfortunately, their romance doesn’t last as Barry waits too long to tell her that she is the Flash. He is too guarded and she leaves Central to go to school and become a CSI. I hope that she comes back because she was a great addition to the show.

Iris finds out that her mother didn’t die several years ago and left Joe before giving birth to Wally. Francine reconnects with Joe and Iris because she is sick and dying. Wally arrives mid-season and there is tension between him, Joe, Iris, and Barry. Eventually, he gets settled into his new life. Wally begins to idolize the Flash and helps out a couple of times. All season I was waiting for him to become Kid Flash, but that never happened.

The turning point of season two is when Barry, Cisco, and Harry travel to Earth-2 to save Jesse and stop Zoom. Naturally, everything goes wrong. Barry is taken by Zoom so Cisco and Harry have to rely on the completely unreliable Killer Frost (Caitlin’s villainous Earth-2 doppelgänger). Surprisingly, Cisco and Harry are able to rescue Barry and Jesse before going back to Eath-1. Team Flash then destroys the breach between worlds so Zoom can’t get through. However, they aren’t quick enough and Jay is killed by Zoom and dragged through the closing breach.

We then get the reveal that we were all dying to have. Zoom carries Jay’s body back to his lair and then takes off his mask, revealing: Jay Garrick? But not really. His real name is Hunter Zolomon. He was a serial killer who was undergoing electroshock therapy on Earth-2 when the particle accelerator exploded and gave him super speed. Zolomon craved speed so much that he created a drug called Velocity-9 that made him faster but it eventually started poisoning him. That’s when the breaches opened. He discovered other speedsters and realized that their speed could cure him. And make him faster. His first target was Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-3 (who is revealed to be Barry’s father’s doppelgänger). Zoom imprisoned Garrick and took his name, tricking Team Flash and making them believe that he was on their side. He filled the void that they felt by the betrayal of Wells in season one (Barry a mentor, Caitlin a lover). The version of himself that he killed in front of Team Flash was what is called a time remnant, a copy of himself. He created copies so that he could be both the hero and villain of Earth-2. This, however, angered the Time Wraiths, nasty Dementor-like creatures that police the Speed Force and punish those that take advantage of their power.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Zoom’s goal: Steal Barry’s speed to cure himself, then destroy the Multiverse and rule Earth-1. First, he wants to utterly destroy Barry by making him like himself. Zolomon’s father murdered his mother in front of him, so he murders Henry in front of Barry in the penultimate episode. In anguish, Barry tries not to play into Zolomon’s hands. He comes close several times. The two face off with the entire Multiverse on the line as they race against each other. Barry outsmarts Zoom and the black speedster ends up getting dragged away by the Time Wraiths. During their race, Barry creates his own time remnant that stops the Multiverse from collapsing, but the copy of Barry dies in the process.

Harry, Jesse, and the real Jay Garrick travel back to their respective worlds while the rest of Team Flash celebrates their victory, but Barry is in a bad place. He had just come to terms with the death of his mother, only to have his father taken away from him by a man he had once trusted. Iris has realized her feelings for Barry and is trying her best to be there for him and bring him out of his bad place, but Barry knows that he cannot be with Iris while he is so broken. Iris says that she will wait for him. Barry apologizes to her before running off. You think he is just going to clear his head, but we thought wrong.

The final scene of season two is Barry going back in time and saving his mother.

And with that, we have officially entered Flashpoint. Season three will find Barry living the life he has always wished for, but that will come at a price. All of his current friends and family will no longer know who he is. Barry may not even have his powers. Everything will be different.

I am incredibly excited for season three, which returns Tuesday, October 4th, on The CW.

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