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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Untouchable’

Published on February 8th, 2017 | Updated on February 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Untouchable’

Barry has decided that Wally will be the one to save Iris from Savitar, so let the training begin. First thing up is phasing. Wally just can’t seem to get a hang of it, and this skill is something that is very handy. Barry tries to teach Wally how to do it, but it’s hard to explain that feeling. Wally is getting a bit frustrated.

A new meta hits the streets, Clive Yorkin, who has the ability to rapidly decompose anything he touches. He kills the chef at a local restaurant (the restaurant being a part of the newsreel they saw in the future) and a musician. Barry sees a photo of the musician and realizes that Yorkin is targeting people who were police officers in Flashpoint. Joe is his next target, but Barry and Wally  save Joe from the touch. However, Yorkin decides to approach Joe from a different angle and goes after Iris. Wally runs to her rescue, but he isn’t fast enough and Yorkin grabs Iris’ arm.

Wally get her back to S.T.A.R. Labs. They realize that they can slow down the decomposition with extreme cold, which means Caitlin needs to remove her power-suppression necklace. She doesn’t want to, but Iris tells Caitlin that she trusts her. Caitlin does so and stops it from spreading. She just has to keep Iris’ arm cold until the others can stop Yorkin and find a cure.

Cisco and H.R. come up with a crazy plan to vibe to Flashpoint and see who Yorkin might be going after. It actually works and they find their next target, Laura Stone. She is at the train station and Joe confronts her. She isn’t too worried about the threat as she and Joe get on the train. Yorkin comes after them, but Barry and Wally manage to save everyone on the train. Wally confronts Yorkin and uses his blood in order to counteract Yorkin’s by successfully phasing through him. After that, they use Yorkin’s blood to create a cure for Iris.

There were a lot of good moments this week. Barry and Wally have a good talk about their training and how difficult it can be. It took Barry a while to get the hang of all of his skills, and he expects Wally to master them in a matter of weeks. He believes that Wally can do it though. He has a lot of talent.

Caitlin almost lost the battle to Killer Frost while helping Iris, but Julian managed to talk her out of the possession. Later, she thanks Julian for what he did and says that she doesn’t view him as weak just because he lost the fight to Savitar and became Alchemy.

Team Flash has finally told Joe about Iris’ impending doom. He didn’t take the news well, as Iris knew he wouldn’t. Joe seems to be most upset at Barry because he knows how much Iris means to him. After Iris almost dies though, Joe forgets his anger. He says that they will figure out the problem as a team, because when they work together, they are unstoppable.

The final scene of the episode is Wally practicing phasing (and he is getting pretty good) when a breach opens and Jesse appears. Wally is excited to see her, but she is in a panic. Her father has been kidnapped by Grodd and taken to Gorilla City.

The Flash takes a break next week and returns February 21st with the episode ‘Attack on Gorilla City.’

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