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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Wrath of Savitar’

The Flash Recap ‘The Wrath of Savitar’

Wally is having visions of Savitar, but hasn’t told anyone about it. Things come to light when Barry witnesses Wally getting thrown around by an invisible force. Wally admits to having these visions for a week, and Barry gets really angry. He bans Wally from being at S.T.A.R. Labs because Savitar may be using Wally to see their every move.

Julian returns this week, and the team uses him to talk to Savitar once more. Savitar takes the opportunity to pick at H.R., calling him a coward. Savitar says that H.R. is the only one the survives this ordeal. Team Flash doesn’t learn too much from this interaction besides Savitar being close to having everything he needs to escape his prison. They decide to track down the acolytes and see if any of them have information on Savitar’s whereabouts. Barry finds them with the box that was previously used to imprison Savitar.

That’s when things start to go south. Caitlin reveals to Julian that she betrayed the team and kept a part of the stone, hoping it would rid her of her powers. Because of this, they didn’t fully lock Savitar away. Julian is most upset with her, but nobody is really going to blame her. She’s scared of becoming Killer Frost.

Wally comes to Cisco and asks to vibe into the future and see what Barry saw. Cisco is hesitant, but is pushed into doing so. Wally witnesses the scene and realizes that there is something else that Barry is trying to change. He confronts Barry with everyone around, demanding Barry tell Iris the real reason he proposed. In the future, Iris is not wearing a ring. Yes, Barry does love her, but he thought that maybe he could change things by getting engaged. Iris is upset and walks out.

Team Flash is trying to figure out their next move when Wally has another vision, this time of his mother. She tells him that he isn’t fast enough to save Iris and never will be. He doesn’t have what it takes to open the door to the Speed Force and send Savitar away. Wally tells Jesse that he has to stop Savitar once and for all before rushing off. He doesn’t want to include anyone else in his plan because he feels as though this is all on him.

Team Flash uses Julian again to talk to Savitar, but their true intention is to get his location. They succeed and find out that he is in the Speed Force. That’s when Jesse shows up and tells them that Wally ran off to stop Savitar. An energy spike alerts the team and they get video of Wally opening the Speed Force. He gets sucked toward the portal. Barry runs off to save him, but there’s nothing he can do. Wally gets pulled inside and Savitar crawls out.

Barry demands to know where Wally is. Savitar says that where he was in the Speed Force, he was like the Titan Atlas. Atlas held up the Earth and could only be free if someone took his place. He needed Wally to get fast enough in order to be able to take his position. When Barry created Flashpoint, he gave Savitar the key to getting out: Wally. Savitar then gave Wally his powers and let his ego do the rest to get him fast enough. They played right into his hands. Barry and Savitar fight it out, but Savitar wins. He stabs Barry, saying that he will not yet kill him. Iris has to die first. Savitar rushes off.

When Barry wakes up after having the shard removed from his shoulder, everyone is there. Joe is holding the piece of Wally’s suit that remains and doesn’t blame Barry for what happened. Iris places a comforting hand on Barry’s, and she is no longer wearing the ring. Everyone slowly leaves to grieve and it is just Barry and Caitlin. She apologizes, saying she acted in fear. Barry tells her she isn’t alone. That’s all he’s been doing too.

The prophecy comes back this week (“one will betray, one will suffer, one will fall”). The betrayal seems to be Caitlin’s act in keeping a part of the stone. We thought that it would come in the form of her becoming Killer Frost and joining Savitar. This could still happen. Or it could still be someone else. Everyone is suffering right now. Wally has fallen in the sense that he is stuck in the Speed Force. I think that the prophecy still hasn’t fully come to light.

There was a really good episode and the acting was great all around. Now that Savitar has returned, the remaining episodes of the season are going to be a whirlwind.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Into the Speed Force.’

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