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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Runaway Dinosaur’

Published on May 11th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash  Recap ‘The Runaway Dinosaur’

Things got a bit trippy this week as Team Flash dealt with the ramifications of recreating the particle accelerator explosion. Though at first Barry appeared to have died, Cisco vibes off of the destroyed suit and sees Barry inside of a raging storm. Harry confirms that what Cisco saw was in fact the Speed Force. Team Flash also discover the bodies of Wally and Jesse. Wally wakes up
and seems to be just fine, but Jesse is in a coma, just like Barry was after the first incident. When Cisco and Iris go down to the morgue to retrieve Wells’ research from Barry’s coma, they are attacked by zombie Girder. Team Flash doesn’t know what to do about their undead metahuman, but they soon realize that he is retracing his steps in search of Iris. She volunteers to lead Girder back to S.T.A.R. Labs so they can contain him. Meanwhile, Cisco and Harry will try to figure out how to get Barry back.

Harry says that he will create a field that will transport Cisco into the Speed Force. Cisco vibes off of the suit and once more finds Barry within the storm. He calls out to him, and Barry turns, but doesn’t go to him. Cisco comes out of the vibe, and the team believes that they won’t be able to get Barry back.

And where is Barry exactly? He’s trapped within the Speed Force, which changed itself to look like his home and people he cares for. Barry is visited by Joe, Iris, Henry, and Nora, all of them trying to help Barry unlock his true potential and catch a speeding shadow. To do that, Barry has to completely forgive everything that has happened in his past, most especially his mother’s death and his decisions last year in going back to save her, but leaving her to die. In a really touching scene between Barry and the Speed Force version of Nora, they read a book called “The Runaway Dinosaur,” which the two used to read when Barry was a child. Barry accepts everything that has happened and is able to catch the shadow and once again become the Flash.

Once Team Flash gets Girder back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco tries to zap him with electromagnets to reset his brain, but the machine is too powerful for the electrical unit. The team barricades themselves in the room where they recreated the explosion and try to figure out what to do as Girder starts trying to bust down the door. Cisco then realizes that maybe Barry didn’t come to him because he wasn’t ready to leave. He believes that they should try again. Iris says that she is going with Cisco this time. They hold hands and Cisco vibes. Iris calls out to Barry and he hears her. He grabs her hand and then all of them go back.

With Barry back, they are able to stop the rampaging Girder. They lead him back to the electromagnet and Barry uses his speed to charge it. The machine works and Girder goes down. Barry then visits Jesse, and when he touches her hand, some of his Speed Force zaps her back to consciousness.

Barry and Iris visit Nora’s grave and he tells her that he would always come up with some excuse when Joe would offer to bring him. Barry admits that he has been holding on to what he has lost and not looking at everything that he has. He confesses to Iris that he has always cared deeply about her and her voice will always lead him back.

The episode ends with Zoom giving Caitlin an ultimatum. He will let her leave, but if she does, he will offer her the same amount of mercy as the other members of Team Flash. If she stays, then she’ll live. Zoom then goes downstairs to the lobby of the police station and addresses a crowd of metahumans. We don’t see Caitlin’s choice, but it really could go either way. She could choose to reamin with Zoom and stay close enough to later stab him in the back. Or, she could go back to Team Flash and relay her info to help figure out a way to stop him. Either way, she no longer cares about Jay Garrick.

Next week’s episode is ‘Invincible.’

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