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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Once and Future Flash’

Published on April 26th, 2017 | Updated on April 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘The Once and Future Flash’

Barry is off to the future this week to learn everything he can about Savitar, but first, he has to save Cisco, H.R., and Julian from the recently-turned Killer Frost. He appeals to Caitlin, but she is too far gone. Killer Frost flees.

Barry fills Wally in on his plan, and together, the two of them get fast enough to propel Barry eight years into the future. What he finds is not good. Everything fell apart after Iris died. Team Flash is no more. Cisco lost his hands to Killer Frost, which means no more powers. Wally tried to take on Savitar alone and got his spine snapped so now he’s in a wheelchair and in a catatonic state. Joe was left alone in his misery. H.R. now writes superhero romance novels. Julian is back to being a scientist. But worst of all is future Barry, who never leaves S.T.A.R. Labs and doesn’t want to be around anyone. He let his sorrow consume him, shutting everyone else out.

Barry tries to talk to his future self and get the information he needs in order to save Iris, but future Barry admits that he still doesn’t know who Savitar is. He says that they were able to return Savitar to the Speed Force, but it was several years later. Past Barry then asks what happened to Caitlin and Cisco and Julian take him to her. They have her trapped in a cell.

Barry asks why she worked alongside Savitar and her answer is that he offered her a cure. With his help, she could be rid of the Caitlin part of her forever. Barry figures out that she knows Savitar’s true identity, but she refuses to tell him. She then says that he will be shocked when he learns the truth.

Barry is about to go back to the past when he stops. He tells Cisco that he isn’t going to leave the future the way it is. They’re going to get the team back together. Barry goes after Mirror Master and Top and is about to be trapped in a mirror forever when future Barry appears (and in a rather snazzy, brighter red suit). Together, the defeat the two villains.

Before Barry returns to his time, future Barry tells him a name, Tracy Brand, the woman who designed the trap for Savitar that sends him back to the Speed Force. Unfortunately, she doesn’t develop this technology until four years after Iris is killed. Future Barry hands his past self a device that has information on it about the trap. If past Barry can find her, maybe she can use the information to develop the trap sooner.

And with that, Barry returns to 2017. He fills in the rest of Team Flash of what he just did. Now with a new course of action, Team Flash is racing against the May 23 deadline.

The final scene of the episode is Savitar appearing before Killer Frost. He tells her that he can rid of the Caitlin part of her. She asks why she should trust him. He then takes of his suit and steps in front of her, but we don’t get to see who it is.

Still no Savitar reveal (boo), but we do know that it is someone that Caitlin/Killer Frost knows and trusts, which means it’s someone that we have met before.

So who is it? Future Barry (beyond who we met this week) has been thrown around quite a bit. But you might ask yourself why? Why would Barry come back and kill the love of his life? Perhaps by losing Iris, he was able to reach his true potential as a speedster. Barry has always had a drive to get faster and faster, but I think that this is a bit extreme.

Another theory is future Wally. Again, why would Savitar break his younger self’s back? Why would Wally go back in time and kill Iris? Revenge against Barry? Do the two have a massive falling out? Possible, but I still don’t think it makes a lot of sense.

An interesting theory I saw this morning is that Ronnie Raymond is in the suit. It would be someone that Killer Frost would instantly trust. At the end of season one (seen in the beginning of season two) we see Firestorm go into the wormhole in order to stop the destruction of Central City. He and Stein break apart, causing a reaction. As far as we know, Ronnie was killed and Stein survived. But what if Ronnie just got lost in the wormhole? I’ve always thought that he wasn’t really dead because we never saw a body. But is this enough for him to want revenge on Barry?

Still a lot of possibilities as to who Savitar really is and I just want to know already (I’m sure most people do since this is the longest we’ve waited for the true identity of the villain). My hope is that next week we’ll finally know. There are only four episodes left this season so just go ahead and tell us. Barry doesn’t need to know.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘I Know Who You Are.’

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