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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Rupture’

Published on May 4th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Rupture’

The Flash constantly delivers great television, and, every now and then, we will get an episode that is a cut above the rest. This week, we got another of those spectacular episodes.

‘Rupture’ begins with a car chase, and then suddenly, we see the Flash. It’s not really the Flash though as the team came up with a holographic version of the speedster in order to keep up appearances now that Barry’s speed is gone. It was actually a really cool idea. Harry is still convinced that they need to recreate the particle accelerator explosion because Zoom will return. And he’s right. Zoom appears at GCPD and demands that the police vacate the premise because he is in control now. He probably would have killed everyone if not for Caitlin, who talks Zoom into sparing them. However, Zoom didn’t come alone. He brought with him Rupture, the Earth-2 doppelganger of Dante Ramon. Rupture carries a scythe that can shoot some sort of red energy beam. Anyway, he is pretty powerful and will be difficult to stop. He has come to Earth-1 to kill Cisco, who he believes murdered Reverb.

Barry goes out to see his father and tells him that he no longer has his speed. Henry decides to go back to Central City with Barry, and I think
it was mostly to talk him out of being a part of Harry’s plan. Harry, Joe, and Henry get into a big argument on what Barry should do, which he overhears. Barry tells them that the decision is his to make. He knows that all of them care and want what is best for him, but this is something that he has to decide for himself. Another person who comes to Barry is Iris. She admits that she has been struggling with her feelings for him lately and wants him to know that no matter what, she will always love him (she didn’t drop the “l” word, but that’s what’s was implied). When Team Flash gets word from Caitlin that Zoom has sent Rupture to take out the reassembled police force (who have taken up base in CC Jitters), Barry tells them that he believes that they do need to recreate the explosion, but not right now. They don’t know if it will be contained and what effect it will have. For now, they need to work without Flash.

They set a trap for Rupture and use the holographic Flash. It works and CCPD subdues the metahuman. Unfortunately, Zoom gets wind of Caitlin’s betrayal. She was the only reason he had left them alive. He speeds to Jitters and kills all of the officers and Rupture, leaving Joe, Singh, and Barry alive. He then grabs a camera that is broadcasting the whole thing and tells the city that it belongs to him now. There is no Flash. It is just a hologram. Zoom tells Barry and Joe that if they try anything again, he won’t hesitate to kill them. He then runs off.

After the disastrous events, Barry decides that he has to get his speed back now. Zoom will continue to recruit metahumans and they need to get at him before he does that. He will only continue to get more powerful. They strap Barry into Harry’s containment machine and start the recreation. Barry is injected with the chemicals he was exposed to that night while Cisco uses Weather Wizard’s wand to start a lightning storm. Zoom sees the lightning storm and realizes what they are trying to do. He rushes to S.T.A.R. Labs. The particles collide and it appears that everything is working, but then suddenly Barry starts to deteriorate. The machine sends out a wave, shattering the glass that was holding in the explosion. Wally and Jesse (who were being held at S.T.A.R. Labs to protect them from Zoom) are hit by the blast and knocked unconscious. The team recovers from the shock wave and assess the damage. Zoom appears and goes to the destroyed chest piece of Barry’s suit. He laughs at the team, thanking them for killing Barry. Then, he’s gone.

We know that Barry isn’t dead. He looks pretty dead, but I believe that he is trapped within the Speed Force. This is something that happens in the comics. Barry was overwhelmed by the explosion, since it was all directed right at him, and couldn’t harness all of the Speed Force that was being sent into his body. He’s not dead, but he’s not in Central City anymore. Next week will probably have Barry trying to get back home.

I’m 95% certain that Wally and Jesse just became speedsters. Finally! I have been waiting for this to happen since they were both introduced to the show. They were definitely hit with a different
explosion than the rest of Team Flash. It looked like it was the same thing that Barry experienced, so I think it was Speed Force.

Zoom has a conversation with Caitlin where he basically was trying to tap into her evil side. He knows that it’s there and for some reason wants her to embrace that. Probably because he wants to have her rule the multiverse at his side, but to do that, she can’t be the sweetheart that she is on Earth-1. Maybe she will embrace some of that dark side and be the one to bring Zoom down. That would be awesome.

We had a major bomb dropped early on in the episode when Barry and his father were talking about Zoom. Henry tells Barry that “Garrick” was his mother’s maiden name. Hang on. What does that mean? What do I think it means? The Earth-2 version of Henry Allen, who goes by the name of Jay Garrick and is the real speedster. And he just so happens to be the man in the mask

Three more episodes! And things are starting to gear up to a really intense finale.

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