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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Monster’

Published on November 2nd, 2016 | Updated on November 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Monster’

On this week’s episode of The Flash, a giant monster is terrorizing Central City. Team Flash try and figure out what the pattern is for the attacks, but, unfortunately, they are unable to gain access to any of the crime scenes because of Julian. Julian has had it with Barry’s disregard for the rules and reports everything to Captain Singh. Barry tries to make amends with Julian and figure out why he hates him so much. Barry stretches the truth just a bit to gain access to the site of the monster attacks by saying that he wants to shadow Julian, learn everything he can about how to be a proper CSI. Through this, Barry learns that Julian has a particular distaste for metahumans, including the Flash. Julian hates that certain people were chosen and given extraordinary power. If he had abilities, he would use them to really make a difference.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash is testing out their newest Harrison Wells, H.R. Immediately, Cisco is getting a weird feeling about him. H.R. is quite the personality and doesn’t really stop talking. He is constantly trying to get on the team’s good side, but he is trying so hard to be liked that it just annoys them. H.R. doesn’t seem to even be helping them out and is just repeating ideas that they have already said. Cisco and Barry decide to try and get a vibe off of him. Instead, they find a recorder. H.R. walks in when they are listening to it and is upset. He tells them that he is trying to gain their trust and came to this world because he is a scientist and a novelist. He was going to write a story about this new world. Cisco half believes him.

Meanwhile, Caitlin has taken a leave of absence in order to visit her mother and get some insight on her abilities. Her mother, who is a biomedical researcher, runs a series of tests on her and is astounded by her abilities. However, she more of treats her daughter like a test subject. Caitlin says that she also came back in order to get some emotional support, but her mother goes off on her, saying that Caitlin only came crawling back to mother because she needed help. Caitlin is just using her. They get into a discussion about how things changed between the two of them after Caitlin’s father got sick. Her mother says that Caitlin will never understand what it’s like to lose someone you care so deeply about so unexpectedly. Caitlin tells her that she has. She lost her husband a year ago. Their relationship is sort of on the mend and Caitlin decides to leave, but her mother’s assistant, Nigel, has other plans. He wants to use Caitlin to make a name for himself. Caitlin gets angry and her powers explode out of her, freezing part of Nigel’s arm. Caitlin’s mother intervenes.

Back in Central, Julian thinks he has figured out where the next attack will take place. Team Flash have taken a suggestion from H.R. to use a carbon fiber robe to bring down the beast. When Barry tries to tangle it up, the creature just walks right through the rope. It is a hologram. Barry manages to stop the snipers from shooting the monster, explaining that it was just a hologram. He then runs off to where they believe the man controlling it is. Barry gets there just as Julian does. Julian fires his gun, but Barry pulls the mastermind out of the way. It is then revealed that he is just a 15 year old boy. The boy was tired of getting picked on and wanted others to be in fear of him for once.

Julian finally opens up to Barry, revealing that he is the son of a wealthy British family. But he didn’t want that lifestyle for himself. He wanted to make a difference in the world, so he became a scientist. Right when he was at the top of his field, metahumans were created and he didn’t know how to handle that change. He doesn’t like not knowing. He apologizes to Barry, saying that he was wrong about the Flash. If not for him, he would have killed a boy. Barry then tells Julian about his parents and how change is sometimes difficult to deal with, but it can lead to great new possibilities. It seems that the two might finally be on better terms with each other.

Team Flash once more confronts H.R. and he finally (maybe fully) comes clean. He is nothing more than an idea man. His partner is the real reason he was able to decrypt the message sent by Team Flash. On his Earth, H.R. would supply the ideas and let other people execute them. He was exposed as a fraud so he is using this opportunity to prove himself. The team is hesitant and H.R. agrees to a trial period. He will stay on and help the team, acting as an idea bouncer, and if they still feel like he’s not contributing, he will go home. They agree.

In the final scene, Caitlin gets a message from her mother saying that the more Caitlin uses her powers, the harder it will be to reverse the molecular change. Caitlin ends up freezing the computer, something that I don’t think she intended to do. Her powers are slowly trying to take over. I’ve been trying not to make the Frozen analogy, but come on Caitlin. Just like Elsa, the more you try to bottle it up and keep them inside, the worse your powers will act out. Just tell the others! They’ll still love you!

The Flash takes a break next week and returns November 15 with the episode ‘Shade.’

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