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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Magenta’

Published on October 19th, 2016 | Updated on October 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Magenta’

Barry and Iris have their first date and she thinks it’s best if they leave the Flash out of the evening. Turns out that they are pretty bored around each other when they are trying to be who they were before Barry got his powers. The evening ends early when Cisco calls them in because the S.T.A.R. Labs breach has reopened. Enter Harry and a newly realizes speedster, Jesse. She is incredibly excited about her new powers, but Harry is not.

The villain this week is Magenta, a young girl named Frankie who uses her metal manipulation powers against her abusive foster father. When Joe interviews her, he just sees a scared girl who blacked out during the attack. Julian is suspicious and runs tests on her prints and finds a connection to the husks. He confronts her and her demeanor changes to that of Magenta and she tries to kill him. Barry saves Julian then tries to talk Frankie down. He can see the struggle taking place within her as the two personalities clash. When he mentions Alchemy, Magenta reacts at the name. She manages to escape while Barry saves the life of a police officer.

Meanwhile, Harry tries to get everyone to talk Jesse out of using her powers to be a hero. He gets Caitlin to speak with her, but Jesse recognizes the truth and gets angry about it. Harry is upset with Caitlin, who snaps back at him and puts him in his place. Is this a little bit of the Killer Frost inside of Caitlin? The next to try and talk to Jesse is Wally, but he has an ulterior motive. He is incredibly jealous of Jesse’s speed since he was also hit by the dark matter wave. Wally realizes that maybe he needs to cause an accident that will jump start his speed and steps in front of a car. Jesse saves him.

The final showdown with Magenta takes place at the hospital where her foster father is. She uses her powers to pick up a freighter and is going to drop it on the hospital. Barry runs on the roof of the building and creates a propeller that keeps the boat aloft, but he can’t continue to do that and help Magenta. Harry realizes that Barry needs Jesse. She arrives on the roof and deals with the freighter while Barry manages to get Frankie to overpower Magenta. The day is saved and my heart broke a little bit when she cried in Flash’s arms

Harry and Jesse make up and decide to stay on Earth-Prime for a little bit. He then presents to her her own suit. Yes! I’m so excited to see her suit up and fight alongside Flash.

Barry and Iris try their date again and Barry says that they can’t be the people they were before the particle accelerator explosion. He runs Iris to a romantic dinner for two on the waterside, but, once again, their date is interrupted. Barry runs off to CCPD where Joe has gotten access to an Iron Heights camera recording. He, Barry, and Julian witness the death of Edward Clariss. All you can see in the video is him being thrown around and a flash of light. Clariss is dead even before he hits the ground. Julian asks if either of them have heard the name “Alchemy” before as Clariss was yelling it just before he was attacked. They deny it.

I am worried about Wally. He really wants powers. Since last season, he has wanted to help Flash, but now that he has the idea that he could have super speed, he is going to put himself in danger trying to achieve that. My biggest fear is that he will figure out that he may have been a speedster in Flashpoint and go to Alchemy to unlock his other life. If he were to do that though, Alchemy would have control over him. This would be really, really bad.

The next episode is entitled ‘The New Rogues.’

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