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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Luck Be a Lady’

Published on October 25th, 2017 | Updated on October 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Luck Be a Lady’

Meet Becky Sharpe, who just might be the unluckiest person around. Everywhere she goes, bad luck follows, but that all changes when she gets on a bus with twelve other passengers, one of which is Ramsey Deacon, AKA Kilg%re. There’s a flash of white light and suddenly she’s the luckiest person in the world.

Harry arrives from Earth-2 with a message for Wally from Jesse. The hologram malfunctions, so Harry has to deliver the bad news. Jesse has been really busy in establishing herself and thinks that they need to break up. Wally is hurt and leaves. Meanwhile, the team gets notice of a robbery in progress. Barry runs off to stop it, but slips on a massive amount of marbles that fell in the middle of the road. Commence the spiral of bad luck.

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Whenever Becky (Codename: Hazard) experiences good luck, she disperses a slew of bad luck to those around her. Barry tries to have a conversation with her to get her to stop pressing her luck, but just her presence is enough to set off misfortune. Everyone on Team Flash is feeling it. Barry and Iris are having problems finding a wedding venue and the West house is falling apart. Team Flash is determined to figure out why this is happening because Becky wasn’t in Central the night of the particle accelerator explosion. Harry creates a dark matter reader and they follow the signals to a street corner. That’s when Barry realizes what happened. The location is where he came out of the Speed Force. They created a busload of new metahumans.

Becky’s luck comes to a peak as she goes to a casino. Her winning streak causes a massive amount of damage around Central City, even going so far as to turn the particle accelerator back on. Barry tries to detain her, but ends up cuffing himself then getting trapped beneath a fallen sign. Cisco and Harry try to turn off the particle accelerator, but everything they do just makes things worse. Harry then makes the split-second decision to let the reaction happen. The particle accelerator goes off, negating Becky’s energy field. The world rights itself and Becky is locked in the metahuman wing of Iron Heights.

Team Flash experiences some roster changes this week. Harry left Earth-2 because he was unwanted by Jesse and the team she has put together. He was pushing too hard, so they kicked him off the team. Cisco tells Harry that he always has a home with them. Wally disappeared during the episode, and it turns out he ran off to Earth-2 to talk to Jesse. Nobody even noticed he was gone, so he says that he is going to depart and do some soul-searching. Harry starts looking at the chain of events that have led to this moment and he feels like they are all very calculated. He feels like there may be someone pulling the strings.

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The Thinker is indeed playing a game of chess with their lives. He has two of the people from the bus in position in Iron Heights. The Mechanic tells him that Team Flash figured out Becky’s identity sooner than they predicted and worries that they might be smarter than they realized. The Thinker says that he still has them right where he wants them. Team Flash kept a memento from their fight against Samuroid: The robot’s head. And there’s a camera within. The Thinker is still one step ahead.

Joe and Cecile spend the episode trying to decide if it’s worth repairing some of the wear and tear of the West house, or if they should just buy something new. The bad luck streak almost destroys the entire house, but in the end, Cecile decides that they should fix it up. The house means a lot to Joe and she recognizes that. But that’s not her only reason. She tells Joe that she is pregnant and he completely shuts down. The episode ends there so we don’t know if his disbelief is good or bad.

This episode definitely kept up with the lighter tone from last week, putting Team Flash in some ridiculous situations due to bad luck. I’m interested to see where the story-line goes for Joe and Cecile. I definitely wasn’t expecting that bombshell at the end of the episode.

I really liked the twist of how Thinker’s metahumans got their powers. It is proving to be an interesting direction and shows just how calculative and formidable Thinker is. Team Flash is in for quite the battle.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Elongated Journey Into Night.’

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