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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘License to Elongate’

Published on November 20th, 2019 | Updated on November 20th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘License to Elongate’

Team Flash decides to divide and conquer this week as each member tackles their own issue. Barry and Ralph track Sue Dearbon, which leads them to the villain underground where they must stop an auction. Chester, now free from spontaneously creating black holes, and Cecile join forces to get Chester a date. And Nash enlists the help of Allegra to break into the room where Monitor might be hiding.

Barry lets Ralph take the lead as they try to shut down Remington Meister’s plan to sell a weapon that could wipe out cities in an instant. However, he grows a bit impatient as Ralph needs to examine every possible angle before taking Meister down. Because of this, Barry gets them both caught. As they face their demise, Barry admits he was wrong and that he was using this as an opportunity to test Ralph. He needs to make sure that Central City will be safe following the Crisis. The Flash will be gone, so Elongated Man will have to take over. In the end, Ralph proves himself and the two stop the auction.

The Flash/The CW

Cecile takes Chester under her wing, but for selfish reasons. She pushes him to be someone he’s not while hiding the fact that she is the one who is struggling. Since stepping down as DA, Cecile doesn’t know who she is. After a heart-to-heart with Chester, she realizes she does just have to be herself. If she is, things will eventually work out.

Allegra followed Nash into the tunnels because she recognized him as Harrison Wells. Nash is forced to tell her all about the multiverse in order to explain how he could be alive, and then asks her to use her powers. Allegra is hesitant, though. She fears that she could become like her cousin if she uses them too much. Nash gives a great pep talk, telling her that she is her own person. She chooses who she wants to be. Allegra uses her powers and they move one step closer to figuring out what Monitor is up to.

Flash calls a press conference at the end of the episode to fully endorse Elongated Man as a savior of Central City. Ralph and Joe turn the conference around and recognize Barry Allen for his incredible work as an analyst. Joe says it’s because of his work behind the scenes that so many cases have been cracked. Barry is awarded a medal of honor. After the conference, Ralph is attacked by Ramsey. And of course, the episode ended there so we don’t know what happened to Ralph.

The Flash/The CW

The Crisis is growing ever closer. Even if Flash dies, there is a strong team behind him to pick up the pieces.

Next week’s episode is ‘The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1.’

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