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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Killer Frost’

Published on November 23rd, 2016 | Updated on November 25th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Killer Frost’

This week’s episode picks up right where the last one left off with Barry in Savitar’s clutches. Joe manages to knock out Alchemy’s acolytes and turns his gun on where Barry is seemingly floating in the air. He can’t see the speed god. Barry tells him to shoot anyway, but it doesn’t do any good. Savitar then takes Barry for a run. They run through tunnels of blue before reappearing around the city. It is something much different than when we have seen the speedsters running. It was almost like when Barry travels through breaches or time, but more metallic. They appear on the docks and Savitar is about to kill Barry when Cisco and Caitlin appear. Caitlin uses her powers to freeze Savitar, saving Barry. The speed god breaks the ice and runs off.

Barry thanks Caitlin for saving his life, knowing that she doesn’t want to use her powers as they will start to take over. She replies that he has saved her life multiple times and was returning the favor. Team Flash examines the cocoon that Wally is in. Joe wants to bust him out, but Barry says that they don’t know what could happen to Wally if they do. If it is anything like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly,Wally’s cells are being broken down and built back up again. Joe is frustrated and leaves. He goes to the station where he has one of the acolytes locked up. Joe forcefully interrogates the acolyte for Alchemy’s location when there’s a knock on the door. Caitlin tells Joe that Wally is out of the shell and okay. Joe runs off and Caitlin enters the room with the acolyte. She uses her cold powers to try and get information out of the man. His screams alert the other officers in the station. Caitlin sneaks past most of them, but is stopped by Julian. She kidnaps him and escapes.

Joe shows up at S.T.A.R. Labs, but Caitlin lied to him. They get an alert from CCPD that there was a metahuman that took Julian. Joe and Barry watch the camera in the interrogation room and see Caitlin freeze it over. They manage to track her down as she uses Julian to run an algorithm to track the remaining acolytes. Barry confronts her, saying that they will do what they can to help her. Caitlin is hoping that Alchemy will be able to take her powers away and Barry says that she can’t trust him. They can help her back at S.T.A.R. Labs. She then says that he has ruined everything and has only been concerned with his own happiness. So much so that now she and Cisco are both broken. She reveals, not really knowing that Team Flash is watching back in the lab, that if not for Barry, Dante would still be alive. The police arrive and Barry whisks Caitlin away from their gunfire. She summons an ice shard and slashes his leg, which renders him unable to run for a couple of hours. Caitlin flees.

Team Flash figures out her next move and Cisco tells Barry to stay put, saying he’s done enough damage already. Caitlin sneaks into one of the acolytes houses and demands information on Alchemy’s identity. He tells her that Alchemy serves Savitar and that they saw the future. She was in it as Killer Frost and she was incredibly powerful. Caitlin leaves the house and runs into Cisco, who has his Vibe gear on. They fight when suddenly Barry interferes. She freezes the road so that he slips and falls, but then he takes out her legs. Lying next to each other, Caitlin tells him how cold of a move that was, but she says she can be colder. She rolls on top of him and kisses him, freezing his body. Cisco attacks, knocking her off. He tells Barry to vibrate and warm up while he and Caitlin fight. Cisco knocks her out and they lock her in the pipeline.

Joe confides in H.R. his feelings of inadequacy on the team, saying that he always has a gut feeling that is opposite of what the rest of them want to do. H.R. says that he will always listen to Joe’s opinion and asks what they should do now. Joe wants to cut open the cocoon and get Wally. They do so, but Wally isn’t quite himself. He is stuck in a vibrating mode, not really recognizing anyone. Wally runs off.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Barry says that the only way they can help Wally is by getting Caitlin back. He lets her out of pipeline, saying she is free to go, but in order to just walk away, she has to kill him. Caitlin summons the ice shard and holds it to his heart, ready to strike, but can’t do it. Barry tells her that if she wants to be bad, then she has to kill him and live up to the name. He knows that Caitlin is still there. She can’t let the powers overtake her. Caitlin regains control and collapses in Barry’s arms, apologizing for everything.

They come up with a serum that will help Wally’s cells normalize and Barry and Joe go after him. Luckily, it works and Wally regains his senses. At S.T.A.R. Labs, they run tests and Wally is incredibly fast, faster than Barry was when he first started.

Barry goes to Julian, who knows Caitlin’s identity and begs him not to reveal her involvement to the police. He says that not all metahumans are good and bad. Some are just lost, like Caitlin was. Julian agrees to not reveal her identity if Barry resigns. He then says that he can’t work alongside someone who’s moral compass is so broken. Barry agrees to the conditions. Later, Julian is woken by the voice of Savitar. He tries to run, but Savitar tells him that there is no escape. Savitar needs Julian to work for him once more. Julian goes to his lab and pulls out the Alchemy mask.

There was a lot packed into this episode. Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdez once more delivered incredibly powerful performances. I don’t like seeing Cisco so sad. I really liked how they are doing this version of Killer Frost. She is pretty scary and Panabaker made the shift between Caitlin and Killer Frost’s personalities perfectly. The scene with Barry asking her to kill him just about breaks your heart when she finally shifts back to Caitlin. I am interested to see where they go with Killer Frost, especially since there has been a vision of her working alongside Alchemy and Savitar.

Grant Gustin also performed really well this week as he once more deals with the ramifications of his actions. Both of his best friends hate him and he is taking all of the blame upon himself. Iris comes to Barry and tells him that there is no way of knowing that Dante and Caitlin’s fates wouldn’t have played out like that in the previous timeline. He can’t keep playing the “what if” game or it will slowly destroy him. Barry tells her that he can’t be the Flash without her and she responds with “You won’t ever have to.” No! Don’t say that! That’s when people die!

Julian, Julian, Julian. Last week, I thought that there may be a possibility that he was the one under the Alchemy mask when he was mysteriously absent. And I was right. He seems to be working for Savitar against his will as he tries to run away from him at the hospital. Regardless, I want to know his story and how he came to be Alchemy. Talk about a broken moral compass.

Next week is crossover week! Woohoo! The Flash takes on the second episode of the event and is entitled ‘Invasion!’

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