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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Invincible’

Published on May 18th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Invincible’

This week’s episode started right in the middle of CCPD squaring off against Zoom’s metahuman army. They are too much for the police, and would have lost if not for Barry. He comes speeding in and removes all of the metahumans, locking them up in S.T.A.R. Labs. Fresh off of his journey in the Speed Force, Barry is feeling incredibly optimistic. He believes that “the universe in on their side, not Zoom’s.” Everyone is very wary of Barry’s newfound attitude. Not that it’s a bad thing, but just that he shouldn’t be underestimating the enemy. The universe may be on their side, but Zoom sure isn’t going to back down.

Caitlin has returned! She is shaken up and not in great shape, but she is back. She tells the team that Zoom just let her go. She believed that it was some sort of trick, and I was wary of her through most of the episode. I was thinking that maybe Zoom had a shapeshifter or something posing as Caitlin to give the team a sense of hope (more on that later).

A new metahuman threat, one of Zoom’s generals, makes an appearance and collapses Mercury Labs. Her name is Black Siren, aka Dinah Laurel Lance. And she is awesome. I’ve missed Katie Cassidy on Arrow. Barry saves Dr. McGee and she thanks him as Mr. Allen. She tells Barry that she’s not an idiot and figured it all out. McGee goes back to S.T.A.R. Labs with Barry and they fill her in on everything that has happened. Team Flash then comes up with the idea to use a frequency to subdue everyone from Earth-2 since they vibrate at a different rate. Cisco and Harry get to work on this “tuning fork.”

Barry goes head to head with Black Siren, but she is just way too powerful. Her “siren song” is coming in at 250 decibels, which 200 could kill a human. That is ridiculous. Luckily, Wally is having a streak of heroism (much to Joe’s dismay) and hits Black Siren with his car, rescuing Flash. Black Siren returns to Zoom and he says that she needs to continue to take down buildings, making the attacks seem random so that Team Flash doesn’t see his actual plan coming. At first, Black Siren is fearless in the face of Zoom, and gives him attitude. But that demeanor changes when Zoom gets up in her face. She obeys his request and goes to take down another building.

The frequency machine is ready and it will take Barry running around the city, creating a barrier to help the frequency resonate even higher, in order to make it work. Unfortunately, that is exactly when they get an alert that Black Siren has been spotted. Barry wants to go and stop her because she is threatening the lives of a lot of people, but he has to make the run for the machine to work. Cisco then says he has a really terrible idea. While Barry runs around the city, Cisco and Caitlin dress up like their Earth-2 counterparts and confront Black Siren. They tell her that they faked their deaths to get away from Zoom. They are too powerful to be controlled. The three of them together could become gods. Black Siren catches onto them and throws a pipe at Cisco, who catches it with his right hand. Black Siren tells them that Earth-2 is a mirror-image, so Reverb was left-handed. She goes in for the attack, but Cisco lashes out, sending a burst of energy at her. He tries again, but nothing happens. Black Siren is about to kill them when the machine is activated. Their plan works and everyone from Earth-2 is knocked out. However, Zoom manages to open a breach and escape.

Barry cleans up the metahumans and everything seems to be okay. Team Flash will wait for Zoom’s return. They have a party in celebration of their win and the return of Henry Allen, who a couple of episodes ago said he would return to Central City for good. Cisco vibes and sees the destruction of Earth-2. He is panicking and telling the others what he saw when Zoom appears. He grabs Henry and runs off. Barry goes after him, revealing himself to Wally.

Barry follows Zoom to his childhood home and Zoom tells Barry that they are the same. He says that he will watch his father die in much the same way that he, Hunter, watched his mother die. Henry tells Barry that it’s okay and that he and his mother both love him very much when Zoom sticks his hand through him and kills him.

Zoom’s plan was to misdirect Barry by using Black Siren. Was his main goal all along to kill Henry? I think that it might have been, but for what gain? He keeps saying that he wants Barry to be like him, but why? Does he just want the satisfaction of turning Barry evil? Or is it just that he feels cheated that he and Barry had similar upbringings, but yet Barry turned out okay. Killing Henry will fuel Barry’s fire, but if he wanted to turn Barry evil, I think that killing Joe would have done that. I think that the reason Zoom just let Caitlin go was to give the team of sense of hope so that when he did take Henry, it would completely crush Barry because he didn’t see it coming. But anyway, what is Zoom’s ultimate end goal? I think it was Cisco’s vision. Zoom is going to destroy Earth-2. He hates his home and what it did to him, so why not destroy it. I honestly right now have no idea how the team is going to pull it off.

The season finale is titled ‘The Race of His Life.’

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